Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Moving Update: BBBdolls MUST GO! (read on!)

JANUARY 30 2018 update: THEY`RE ALL GONE, folks!

Well as you all know, the landlord is kicking us out and repossessing the apartment for his family (the legal document says it's for his sons, but he has such a long extended family that it could be ANYONE moving in), and it took me a week after the date I said I would begin to pack up to actually start packing (I guess I am slightly more depressed about it all than I had originally let on). In any case please allow me to do a little blurb to explain my decision which will be detailed in the next paragraph. So as you know, my wife and I were very very happy to live were we are (were) and started thinking this to being our "home", so over the past 2 years or so we began decorating properly, buying stuff such as an extra freezer, and she even told me she started thinking about throughout out our dozens of folded up boxes we kept from the last time we moved. Even I bought a few more BBBdolls since we moved there, as well as accumulated more porn DVDs, VHS tapes, music CDs, DVDs, and musical instruments. Well all this extra stuff means more stuff to pack and less space to store it in, which is why I decided to liquidate some of my assets.

In case you skipped ahead to this paragraph, I will simply repeat: I decided to liquidate some of my assets.

First order of business, my older, long un-used Bdolls. If you recall from posts over the past 2 or so years, I decided to let go of some of my older Bdolls which I simply do not use anymore. Dolls such as Kaylie, Angela Crystal, Katt, Kimi, Marianne, Kumiko, Kaida, and a few others have been taking up "hiding" space for much too long and even though I had promised them to a special BBBdoll fan (whom I had dubbed "Miss98"), the proceedure of sending out these dolls is taking up much too long, so I decided to GIVE THEM AWAY FOR FREE... But there is a catch: you must pay for shipping! Normally these dolls, even used, would be worth some amount of money, but trying to sell them off of eBay as "special unique dolls used by Butterman for his BBB activities since 2014" to people who know what it all means would be too difficult, plus eBay takes a cut and doesn't compensate for shipping, etc. etc. Last time I calculated, two dolls shipping to the continental US was about $15 in USD. So if paying $15 for two BBB dolls sounds right for you, then we got ourselves a deal!

First thing to do is open up a Paypal account. That way you can send me $$$ directly and I can ship these out to you pronto. I'll even throw in some random clothes and accessories for each doll. Nothing terribly fancy like my prefered lingerie, boots, fishnets and other sexy accessories I tend to use more regularly in my clips/on my dolls, but you get the picture. Heck if I can easily locate the dolls' original clothes, that's what I'm going to send to you! So open up a Paypal account, and then we'll talk!

WHICH DOLLS? (you can scope out pictures of these dolls in the "What Is BBB" permanent page towards the bottom in the "cast" section"):
- Katt (my first ever Bdoll)  G O N E !
- Kris (ebony cutey) G O N E !
- Nails (ebony beauty)  GONE !
- Kaylie (blonde from "Mystery Squad")
- Kimi (asian-like)
- Terri (a brunette)
- Britney Skye (a blonde)  G O N E !
- Rosalyn (gorgeous hispanic!) G O N E !
- Foxy (afro nubeau cutey!)
- Kumiko (asian)
- Harley Quinn (the Bad Grl!)
- Katjsa (orange hair fairy) GONE!
- Marianne (a blonde) G O N E !
- Angela Crystal (beautiful blonde!) G O N E !
- Crystal Rae (another pretty blonde!) G O N E !
- Kaida (a fairy, Katjsa's sister)(*)  G O N E !
- Raven Simone (beautiful ebony) G O N E !
- Katianna (german blonde)
- Sue Storm (the invisible woman G O N E !
- Angela DiCarlo (beautiful hispanic)  G O N E !
- Riley (blonde, from "Corvette" collection) G O N E !
- Kathia Nobili (blonde, from "Hard Rock Cafe" collection G O N E !
- Perm (ebony/mulatto)
- Mini Joanna (from Basics Black, one folded arm, one straight) G O N E !
- Kanika (egyptian beauty) G O N E !
- Monika Unco (sadness I must let her go! "Peppermint") G O N E !
- Gwen (from Basics Black, two folded arms)

(*) Kaida's wings were removed to allow for more flexibility and clothing/accessories)

I may be adding more Bdolls to give away to this list, I will keep you updated with this as I can.

If you are serious, then please send me an email with the title "BBBdolls firesale" at email (SORRY ALL GONE! so we can start the proceedure. Note that this will not be the email to transfer funds to using Paypal. We will get to that part later.

SHIPPING CHARGES (I just checked them out as of January 9, 2018 and there are now fuel surchages in the costs!)

shipping to CANADA (for 2 dolls): $16

shipping to USA (for 2 dolls): regular airmail: $12
shipping to USA (for 2 dolls): with tracking number: $20
shipping to USA (for 2 dolls): expedited: $23
shipping to USA (for 2 dolls): XpressPost: $35
shipping to USA (for 2 dolls): Priority: $60

Regular surface mail (no tracking, no insurance): $ 12 (1-2 months delivery)
Regular air mail (no tracking, no insurance): $ 20 (3-6 weeks delivery)
International Parcel, surface mail: $ 48
Tracked Packet (7 day delivery): $ 54
XpressPost International (4 day delivery): $ 77
Priority Worldwide Pack: $ 82

(**) Special note: shipping to some latin american countries is restricted and both expensive and erradic - some mail and packages simply can not be garanteed.

Please note that if I am unable to give these dolls a new home soon, I may be forced to throw them out in the trash due to space and time limitations imposed upon by this moving!

More details to come!

P.S. : I will be giving away other stuff too such as porn DVDs and VHS tapes as well as comic books and the like. Contact me at the aforementionned email if you would like to get this stuff as well!


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