Friday, February 16, 2018

B.B.B. preview: Goodbye Giga with Sue Storm (pt 1 of 2)

Hello everyone! I got a little time to squeeze in another little B.B.B. preview; this time around instead of posting and sharing one of the more "usual" or "traditional" B.B.B. sessions, coupled with the fact I am doing this one real quickly on the fly (drive by style), I could not offer to edit the whole complete set as it were, but I was able to share with you a preview I was able to very swiftly cut together. This update features one of those Goodbye Giga session I started sharing a while ago, with a focus on the invisible woman herself, Sue Storm! This is only one of two full giga sessions featuring the lovely blonde Bdoll, and I hope you will enjoy these pics culled pretty much at random from the full set!

I wish I had more time to dedicate to more properly write about this session, but alas, time being the issue as we have discussed a while back, all I can offer you is the usual pleasantries of how this was another session done in a slight rush, and you can check out the high-deffinition preview over at the BBB P0rnhub official videos page by following the link below:

I do hope you have enjoyed this one and let's hope I find the time to do some more soon enough before the move. If not, then I shall return when I can to bring you more of the delights of the B.B.B.! Be good to one another!

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