Monday, February 12, 2018

Free stuff to give: now on eBay!

Hey there folks: remember last month when I started posting some free porn stuff to give (you only had to pay for shipping)? Well obviously as expected nothing moved on that side of things (although all the Bdolls to donate are now gone!) so I decided to try my luck on eBay, along with a few other things I hadn't shared here yet:

I figured I might as well try my luck at selling this stuff for really dirt cheap (and I mean so dirt cheap it would be like giving it away!) on eBay to see if any collectors out there can actually find some of my stuff worthy of their own completist collection. Aside from the usual stuff I shared last month (the collector cards, the graphic novels, the comics, etc...) I also added a few of these Japanese porn comics from the 90s as well as non adult stuff. As you can see, I did not include porn images with these images for eBay as the site frowns upon such images.

Trying to find information concerning such items above is extremely difficult as for 1) I myself do not read Japanese so it is difficult to figure out info/data about publishing, copyrights and authors, 2) This is rare Japanese imports probably not well known "overseas" in north american markets, and 3) This dates back to the days before the whole human race recycled their porn needs to virtual entertainment on their phone and tablet computer screens. Back in those days, the internet was just starting out so it was not as easy as it seems to find such very specific porn. However I myself had a few sources, and managed to find some stuff.

Below are other non-porn stuff I found which I will be attempting to sell, due to the fact that they are still brand new scealed in their original factory shrink wrap.

... And just because this is, after all, a porn blog, why not add some unrelated porn material just to fill out this post with some semblance of pure buttery enterainment in the form of random porn material found online! Enjoy!

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