Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Images from my home screensaver

I thought to myself "why not?". I said why shouldn't I share a few pictures from my home screensaver? This is not the kind of screensaver you would have at work especially if you work for such a hypocritical company like I do, and yet these images (or in the form of these FRACTION of a selection) are perhaps as close to acceptable porn as anything. Imagine if you will trying to do a screensaver with porn images without actually showing anything rude, crude, suggestive, explicit, or anything which would shock anyone beyond that of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue (and I still can not believe Hollywood actually did a Baywatch movie, but then again they also produced in 2011 that horrible CGI-fest prequel to The Thing which nailed it in terms of how soul-less that movie machine industry has become). ANyway, here are a couple of images from my home screensaver which is on the limits of being passable, but which no one in the corporate world would ever allow.

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