Friday, February 16, 2018

Like a teaser but not quite the preview

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to pop in ever so quickly and offer a sort-of pre-teaser not-quite-a-preview to an upcoming special post. The reason I am doing this text-only "update" (using the blog from an email text format) is because I pretty much almost got caught red-handed getting pictures ready for this upcoming post.

OK so first things first: as you know my wife and I are increasingly getting ready for our moving out (read my late december 27th or so post about getting evicted) and my studio room where all the usual magic of the BBB happens has been voted the "sacraficial" room, which means that I am the first one to pack up whatever is in that room and pile on the boxes in there. So my room is increasingly becoming un-liveable and even less BBB sessions-friendly as more and more boxes are being stashed up and piled in there. Pretty soon I will need to move my essential clothes and laptop to somewhere else as everything in my room (instruments, DVDs, dolls and all that fun stuff) is being packed up and actual space is getting increasingly limited and cramped.

So any real "new" BBB material not already downloaded in the trusty external hard-drive archives can not really be shot in that room. So early this morning before going to work (i.e. around 4am when I woke up!) I decided to take two dolls with me to work and (now don't get excited!) take pictures of them in a proper lighting situation. I figured since I arrive at work between 6h15 and 6h30, that personnel on the work floor would be extremelly limited, so I could take a few snaps in the process.

When I arrived at work I noticed no one had come in before me as the main lights were turned off. That was excellent since I knew I could take pictures in peace and quiet since whoever would arrive on the floor would undoubtibly open the lights upon their arrival. After all, no one is as crazy as I am leaving the main lights turned off the whole floor while I "work". Well wouldn't you know it as I am snapping away a beautiful BBBdoll in various positions in the kitchen at work, where a decent source of light was available even if the main lights were turned off, someone walks in the kitchen! I quickly attempted to throw a book atop the doll and hide the camera and had to resort to actually pretending to socialize in order for this awckward situation not feel so totally odd. I mean come on, why didn't that lady open the main lights when she came in? I was counting on that as a pre-warning to hide the doll(s) and the camera in order not to get caught!

Anyway the whole point of it all is that I actually purchased off of eBay some real fetish clothes for my dolls. Actually these were not designed for Bdolls per se but for the 1/6 scaled dolls, in which the Bdolls also fall into that category. I bought two of these fetish outfits in order to test them out to see if they fit on my dolls (the sellers and other collectors could not confirm these outfits would fit the Model Muse Bdolls), before purchasing any more.

Well although they "fit" in general terms, these outfits were obviously not made with Bdolls in mind, nor for "mix-and-match" non-permanent fixtures. When I will download the pics from my camera into my home laptop (I am at work as I write this!) things will be clearer and make more sense than right now, but suffice it to say that these rahter poorly-constructed and "flimsy" outfits were not made to be played with.

1) They were obviously designed to be worn by UN-ASSEMBLED dolls such as the Kumik or Phicen types of dolls who have interchangeable body parts. For example (and things will be clear when I post the REAL post with the pictures), I had to cut the collar of one of the outfits because it was made as an un-openable collar (no zipper or snap like real Bdoll clothes) and I could not fit the collar over the Bdoll's head. So I cut it, and then used a small black elastic band (the type you buy for regular hair accessories) to try to make the now-damaged collar hold into place.

2) The quality of the plastic used to fashion these outfits to emulate the wet/shiny PVC look is of rather cheap quality, meaning that extensive moving, removing and re-putting on various dolls will result in the material to stretch and tear. It was obvioulsy made to be put on a doll only once, to be left on that doll on a "permanent" basis. Believe me I had so much trouble putting on the first of the two outfits on the Bdoll that I thought it would break before I could even get a chance to photograph it, let alone use it! And if the lack-of-quality of the material is any indication, I really should not cum on it at all, unless of course I am willing to sacrifice it after a few uses (refer to that "silver outfit" I used in quite a few sessions with various dolls over the past 2 or so years: The outfit looked bright and shiny for the first couple of sessions but quickly lost it's shine and color as sessions increased. By the time I got to session 10 or so of the outfit, it didn't even look silver anymore!)

Anyway, this whole post here of me just blabbing away is just to let you know that I will try to download these pictures and upload them to my home laptop as soon as I can so that I can actually make the post the showcase these outfits. Again, the quality will be far from perfect due to the very rushed nature to taking these pictures while at work in a work environment, but they should provide you with enough to see what I am taking about when I say "real" fetish outfit for Bdolls. So you know the drill by now: stay tuned!

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