Saturday, February 10, 2018

online amateur KLIXEN (The Ruiner)

Klixen came to my attention by accident. In some of my online ventures in the constant hunt for more cumshots and whatnot, some of her clips would often pop up, usually veering more towards those `ruined`orgasm-themed playlists and such. The `ruin` is something which is actually quite popular on the internet porn scene, often nearby humiliation and femdom. It is no surprise that Klixen and her friends have found a niche in said thematics, and is now easily considered a bonafide online pornstar. She does real slow teases, handjobs, and blojobs, usually resulting in her partner ejaculating almost hands-free, with little to no stimulation at the moment of climax. Sometimes the semen pressure is still mighty impressive, other times it just oozes like a thick white lavla from a cock volcano. In anycase, seeing as how I recently posted a blogpost about non-spraying or velocity cumshots, I thought I would add some Klixen samples to showcase why this germanéautrian pro-amateur deserves to be recognized! I hope you will enjoy!

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