Thursday, February 1, 2018

The art of InCase (one of many to come posts)

OK so first, allow me to get the obligary props and links out of the way before I start gushing all over this artist I just discovered. As always I suggest you support this fine gent and follow his stuff because it is simply phenomenal:

OK so basically this is a guy who does art online and is quite obviously extremelly talented in what he does. The examples I have shared with you on this post right here and now are but a random sample of some of his works, and believe you me he has been so active in the past couple of years it is almost unthinkable that I have never heard of him prior to just a few days ago. As you can see his style has changed considerably over the years, and he continues to impress with his evolution in art style and precision. Since he does primarly work exclusively digitally, he experiments with variants on a same image, to change the sex of the people/creatures in his images as well as change the saliva, spanking, gapping, and cumshots (I provided one such example of about four variant versions out of about 15!). In any case (oh I did not even attempt at making that bad pun!) I plan on doing more showcases of this excellent artist in the future, and just wanted to offer some kind of introductory post so that no-one gets in any case "surprised" if suddently I start sharing InCase material like a mad man. As I said, I strongly suggest you support him and follow him, for he is a talent worthy of helping out and support in the continuation of his lewd masterpieces!

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