Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Tout dans sa bouche (all in her mouth)

I kind of like this clip I just found online by accident (well maybe not all that much by accident, because that would imply something to the effect that I was shoveling the 2 feet of snow accumulted today and then slipped and fell on a patch of hard compressed snow and I found a porn clip by accident!). The title, "Tout Dans Sa Bouche" essentially translates as "All (everything) In Her Mouth", which would lead someone to believe that it's a 100% internal mouth popshot, but if you watch it, you notice the lucky prick shoots most of his load outside of said mouth, resulting in essentially, a decent mouth-oriented facial. OK so it isn't one of those mega-monstrous all plastered facial "looking like a half melted statue of herself" kind of facial, but I thought I would share it with you all nonetheless!

Of course here are a few bonus porn pics and whatnot for your enjoyment, in case this clip above was just not enough to satiate your porno needs!

Below: I managed to download an exclusive Twitter-only clip from UK Cam Girl and pretty much internet porn star in her own right Mariah Leonne. Thought I would share it too since it isn't eaily available outside of her Twitter feed:

You can always count on Mariah Leone to give her fans what they really want!
OK and now for some uncommon and off the beaten path bonus porn material for you very perverted individuals...

Below: a few more random previews of a german couple who were online for a while but recently packed it up and dissapeared! I wanted to do a special dedication post for them but never found the time. So while I await to see if I ever do get the time, here are a few samples from their catalogue I culled from a myriad of online sources, until I do manage to do a proper page about them!

Enjoy my lovers!

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