Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Another visit to the B4rb1e permanent expo!

WHo is the real subject of this post? One of my "wish list" Bdolls is part of a diorama in the Bdoll expo and this pic had to be done using the zoon function on my camera.

Alright so I went to visit that permanent B4rb1e doll exposition situated in downtown Montreal again; this is nothing new as I have already posted two blog posts about this expo in the last few years. However tonight I decided to bring one of my digital cameras to take a few snaps of cutey plastic dollies (not that the iphone 6 doesn't take good pictures, but I actually prefer the "texture" of a camera, digital or not), and I decided to concentrate specifically on dolls which:
1) Either I own presently or owned in the past (the 2018 purge, donations, etc.)
2) Dolls I read and saw online which do/could have interested me (so I wanted to get a closer look)
3) Check out that darn "Solitaire" doll I am presently debating with myself to buy or not
(actually the Solitaire doll is the main reason why I wanted to visit the expo tonight)

Ex-Bdoll of mine (the 2018 purge) Fiona!

The Spain Bdoll, featuring a Lara face scult but not a muse body frame.

Well lookee here folks: Isn't this the Carmen Bdoll? Sure looks like her!

Of course, we all recognize the gorgeous Yasmine Lafitte Bdoll!

I took a picture of this one just because of my own Irish ancestry!

I had heard of the Renaissance Fairie Bdoll so I wanted to check her out in close-up...

This one is a superbly gorgeous Bdoll, but also incredibly expensive which is why she was never added to my harem!

One of my own ex-Bdolls (the 2018 purge), german Katianna!

A Mackie face on a muse body, I wanted to check this one out as well.

Another goodbye Bdoll from the 2018 purge, the Kumiko Bdoll! I did keep the dress though.

I also wanted to check out up close this Paris-burlesque inspired Doll Of The World. Good face, non muse body.

Another Mackie face scuplt on the muse body, which I wanted to check out with my own eyes!

Goodbye Kanika, another gorgeous ex Bdoll of mine donated as paret of the 2018 purge...

I love this doll even if the eyes aren't perfect for me and the body type is too traditional. But they did an incredible job on the hairstyle!

The Amazonia doll, which I called Gaia Arizona, or A.Z. for short-and she is still in my harem!

The Carnaval doll, which I named Karmela, and she too is still in my BBBdolls!

This also enabled me to give the apartment to my wife for one evening, allowing her to have some all too rare and much deserved alone time for herself. Plus the expo is free and I can easily spend 60 to 90 minutes there without starting to feel weird or make people feel too uncomfortable. Because let's face it, a lone guy of my size and stature looking at B4rb1es for such an extended amount of time can make people feel rather uncomfortable. And this was also my first visit to the expo on a friday night, after regular business hours, and I was exposed myself to a whole different experience in terms of the people there.

The Sydney Opera House doll, another one which I wanted to check out from closer.

Before the Hershey Bdoll (see below) I had an eye on the Chocolate Obsession, which is why I loved to be able to watch her from up close...

Another one I wanted to scope out, the Pink In Pantone Bdoll

The HErshey Bdoll, in my harem I baptised her as Paige Turnah, after the UK pornstar!

And who doesn't recognize Kathia Nobili, another ex-Bdoll donated in the 2018 purge.

Another HArd Rock Cafe doll which I had my eye on, often refered to as the goth-like doll from the collection.

Of course, this is my Ava Vincent Bdoll, one of the more expensive acquisitions in my BBB harem!

A perfect example of how you can not trust nor believe the stock/generic photos published from the manufacturer, and how they use photos of prototypes instead ot the finished product to sell their dolls, is this 2009 Harley Davidson blonde doll...

... the prototype doll suggested she would have really smokey eyes like the Hershey doll or even the Vesace doll, but in the end, as you can see, her eyes are wider than originally suggested. Not a bad doll though!

Another doll I heard/saw on ebay a few times and wanted to check out with my own eyes...

I think I may possibly have heard about this doll but never saw one up close like this!

Here is one doll I have kept my eye out for quite sometime due to the characterics mentioned earlier, but I never saw one this up close and personal. And she does not disapoint (although quite ridiculously expensive on ebay!)

The 3 variants of the 50th anniversary "Corvette@ Bdolls...

The ex-Bdoll known as Riley (given away during the 2018 purge)

The M.A.C. cosmetics Bdoll, a model muse blonde with a Mackie face and gorgeous hair, don't you think?

I never noticed this doll before, at least not this close; a pretty face, on a more traditional body frame.

Another very beautiful Bdoll; this brunette's facial features are indeed quite breathtaking!

I forgot to take a picture of the name of this doll (there were a lot of kids running nearby), but everyone knows she is the highly collectible (and thus very expensive) "Scarlett Macau" doll: gorgeous redhead with a model muse body, and a Mackie face - although this particular doll's paint job doesn't do her justice (I have seen some on ebay which looked much prettier... at $300 a pop!).

1) OK so first I have to say that there was a small family of pure 100% Quebec white trash there to look at the dolls. I wish there was a way I could adequately explain or capture the essence of pure 100% unilingual french-translated TV and movies watching "culture" (or lack of) to anyone who does not reside in the province of Quebec. To be nice, we call these folks either from the "regions" or from the "east". The only way to translate in generic terms and offer some kind of comparison, although it is by no means representative nor precise, would be that whole middle-america no-passport brans of american that intellectuals try to avoid at all costs. Anyway the point is that I did not even turn around to get a look at them because I just did not want to make eye contact with those "folks".

The original greek goddesses (long discontinued of course!), I had my eyes on them for a while. Good thing I can check them out up close right here behind the glass!

The Vincent Van Gogh inspired Bdoll with a model muse body but with a unique left arm, a nice Mackie face, and apparently a smoewhat enhanced bust (slightly larger breasts, I am told).

The Gustav Klimt Bdoll which is a good example on how not all dolls are created equal (both in terms of detail variants from doll to doll and when compared to the manufacturer's original prototype photographs). I had my eye on her for a short while, but my tastes have changed especially since I saw her in more detail...

I have never heard of this one before, but she truck me out of the little batch she was placed amongst. Too bad she doesn't have a muse body, or else my wallet and credit card would be in serious trouble!

This one here is my current "unicorn" (I mean Athena and Cleopatra were my unicorns but I somehow managed to get them at a semi affordable price). I shan't go into details exactly as to why, but if I could find an unboxed or used version of this doll, I would not mind paying up to $100 for this one. Maybe in the future I will dwell deeper into the details as to why she is such a special doll for me.

This one was originally to be be my Michelle B / "Versace" alternative, but I got Michelle at a good price after all. Plus I saw this one while at the FAO Schwatrz toy shop in New York a couple years back. Still a very pretty doll!

Here is another one I had my peepers peeled for a while, and I am glad I got to admire her here in better detail!

The Cleopatra Bdoll.... Nothing more to add!

Here is another one of those very rare and highly expensive collectibles. Very nice to be able to admire her here!

The Moulin Rouge Bdoll, a Lara face sculpt on a model muse body: I had my eye on her on ebay for a while, but I am very glad to have been able to see her up close here at the expo!

Of course, who could ever forget the Monika Unco Bdoll, donated as part of the great 2018 BBBdoll purging.

Before I purchased the Chocolate Mocha and Bella Moretti Bdolls, I had my eyes on this "Pazette" doll, for her unique facial features (they now refer to her head sculpt as the "Pazette" model!) and her very dark skin tone.

2) There were a lot of these teenagers just loundging around and loitering, which at first sort of caught me off guard but I just minded my own business and started taking pictures, ever so slowly and dedicated. I realized after a while that basically these kids really don't have much else to do: too young to go out in clubs and too old to waste time (especially on a friday) with their parents. Also I think this was their week off prior to easter or something, so maybe this was their last friday night off. Anyway at first they were loud and somewhat semi-obnoxious (I just find loud people obnoxious in any circumstances) but after a while they seemed to have tappered off and eventually left the premises which made me feel a little less like a freakazoid loser. Anyway, I just took pictures here and there so no harm done. No harm no foul!

Part of the Haunted Beauties collection, the "Mistress Of The Manor" was released a few years back and was on my watch list for a while, but as you can see, upon closer inspection, she is unfortunately not all that "attractive".

I always liked these weird "galaxy" themed Bdolls, because they appeal to my sci-fi and general oddball kinkyness!

"Goddess Of The Galazy" features a then rarely used "Mermaid" facial sculpt, but unlike that "Mermaid" original and my own Green Witch Bdolls, she isn't all that much pretty...

Well she isn't THAT bad, but...

The only thing I can think of saying about this one right now is how much of a center piece she is, a unique statuette to be admired, but alas, and unfortunately, not much in terms of a trun-on...

I had heard/read about this doll, but never had the opportunity to see her from this close...

One of the two "Couture Angel" dolls which are good collectibles and not half bad plastic beauties with some BBB potential!

This brunette one is more common than the blonde variant, and while she would have all the characteristics I would love to have in a Bdoll, she is just too wide-eyed for my own specific tastes.

Ah yes, the gorgeous Michelle B Bdoll, manufactured as the original "Versace" doll. Incredible!

One of the two "Two-Packs" of "Juicy Couture" collectibles. This one is the more recent of the two, and is also the more expensive one to acquire. Both dolls are absolutely stunning!

The Bella Moretti Bdoll, in her original outfit.

The Mocholate Mocha Bdoll, also in her original outfit!

Here is another doll I wanted to check out up front: the "Kentucky Derby" doll, model muse body with a Lara face, but she isn't quite up to my speficic preferences.

Another muse body and Lara face sculpt I had seen a bit of on ebay (at ridiculously collectible prices!), but as with the other ones, she just isn't as "sexy" as I would like her to be.

Of course, the KLS |(Kimora Lee Simmons) Bdoll, another rare and highly expensive Bdoll on the collectible market...

3) Little kids and their parents (mostly little girls with their mothers although I saw one dad with his 2 sons... talk about ME feeling weird!). Again feel this one with the previous comment about the teens and the week off for the pre-easter break or whatever. What you got was a larger crowd than usual, but with the nature of having young-ish mothers (and parents) with their young children meant they did not stay to actually enjoy the expo in itself. Most of them just glanced around rather quickly and then moved on. Anyhow the point was that there were a lot more of them in comparison to my previous visits, but as I mentioned, I never went there after regular business hours and on a friday supper time.

Like some of the other ones I mentioned above, I was glad to be able to inspect this once possible prospect up close!

This one caught my attnewtionas I hadn't heard from her before: not a bad Bdoll if I dare say so!

And another model muse with two straight arms (rarer than you think!) which I wanted to inspect closer than pictures off of ebay!

The "Coach" Bdoll was also on my radar for some of the specifics I have been mentioning over this blog, but she ended up being just a bit too wide-eyed to be taken under consideration.

Another beautiful muse bodied with a Mackie face, she is close to being quite the fetch (or the catch?)

Like many mentionned above, I had to scope out with my own eyes the "Laser Leatherette" doll, but she just did not have all of that magyck I was looking for in a Bdoll!

Here's another surprise for me: maybe just a bit too wide-eyes but deffinately quite the looker, I was glad to have found this beaty which should be quite difficult to hunt down, at least at a reasonable price!

Here is another one I had an eye out for but was not impressed with the actual finished product. A lot of the details are there, but it still comes up as a bit too insuficient in the end...

The other tw-pack of Juicy Couture, the less expensive of the two and somewhat more affordable...

Here is one I had my eye out for a while back, butif you recall I ended up buying a semi-"OOAK" doll off of an ebay seller who sold me what would become the Jennifer Stone Bdoll. This one here would have been a possible alternative.

I had to inspect this one closer as she is a rather recent release, with a Lara face and a model muse body with two straight arms, but again, she just did not pack the proverbial punch for me.

And who does not recognize the Savannah Bdoll, released as the Versace Versus doll. I do belive this one shown here at the expo may be a bit prettier than the one I own at home!

Another one of my contenders, the Dorothy Bdoll from the "Fantasy Glamour" line.

Yes, they even have the Azkadeia Bdoll on display at the expo! Not mine of course...

Ladies of the Eighties collection, the rather well-executed Debbie Harry Bdoll is quite cute!

Not as well done as the other, the Joan Jett Bdoll has great features but doesn't seem to have a great end effect.

Cyndi Lauper has a Lara face with a unique eye makeup design to make it look more like the real singer!

Yet another Lara faced and muse bodied Bdoll from a designer which I wanted to take a closer look at, and found it more lacking on the Bdoll side, while the clothes themselves were representative of the image of the designer.

Anyway, I just wanted to showcase a few of those Bdolls which I either own/owned, or those I am interested/curious about acquiring, and it gave me the opportunity to see how some dolls may appear all fine and dandy in description and general generic photographs, but seeing a "live" specimen (figure of speech of course) is a whole different ballgame. It even made me wonder if I should call the organizers of this expo and asked if they would like to expose my Athena doll, which is one of those very rare dolls which was missing from their expo. Maybe not enough people have it unboxed and ready to be exposed? Anyway, hope you enjoy these pictures!

BLACK CANARY! One of the sexiest Bdolls ever made (and for good reason, I mean come on!)

I could not get a closeup of the Oscar De La Renta Bdoll featured in this diorama

The Elvis Prestley Bdoll: deffinately one to look after!

The doll with the purple dress in this casino-James Bond themed diorama is known as the Reunion Tour Bdoll, and is one of the most incredibly expensive dolls to try to hunt down!

Trying to get a close-up of this Pussy Galore James Bond Bdoll was not possible.

Trying to get a close-up of this Solitaire Bdoll (also from a James Bond collection) was not possible.

This is the best I could manage by doing a zoom through the glass enclosed diorama. 

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