Thursday, March 1, 2018

B.B.B.preview: Sofia Valentine "Sexy Blast" (cumshot only)

Hello again my dear readers, followers, and Bdoll / cum enthusiasts! Thank you for stopping by once again and enjoying another B.B.B. update! As I mentioned in previous posts, these are randmly uploaded previews inter-sped during this "crunchtime" period as my wife and I are packing up out material possesions, visiting apartments, freaking out and attempting to keep ourselves sane in the process! I am telling you, moving is deffinately one of the most stressful and exhaustive / expensive ventures any one can face, and to think this time we got screwed yet again by a landlord! This is starting to become something of a regular situation as our past 3 landlords have beein either liers, bullshiters, or both! But you know what else comes in three's? Butter's three-angled cumshot BBB sessions, that's what! So without any further delay, time to witness this week's update in the BBB world!

This time around we have the very generous and quite lovely netherlander Sofia Valentine in a sexy beige outfit with above-knee high super fuck-me boots, and she was more than game to give this old timer's a run for his money, as she gave me quite a decent handjob and footjob tease on the living room couch, making sure I was properly turned on and enticed to bring her back to the studio room to plaster her pretty face with a healthy dose of my butter cream! The scene did not end with the cumshot as we did a bit of post-cum-play, which I think I may have added in the preview clip (or I may be mistaking it for another preview I edited), which you can witness by pressing on the link right below:

As usual if you watch the entire preview clip, you will also see a repeat in slow-motion just for the benefit of our perverted peepers! Stay safe everyone; spread joy and love and positivity all around!

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