Friday, April 6, 2018

B.B.B.: Aletta Ocean's "Missed-Ruined Popshot"

Hello everyone! I trust you are all doing fantastic out there! Well I thought it was time for another B.B.B. update with pictures and a clip culled from the ever-increasing archives. Today's update features none other than one of the more recent additions to the BBB harem, the gorgeous raven-haired Bdoll ALETTA OCEAN!

As I mentionned in an earlier post of a somewhat similar nature, I don't just share the good BBB stuff but also the stuff that goes wrong. Point in case is today's session, which can only be described as a missed popshot. At least one camera was running so it wasn't a total waste, but again this falls under the category of cumming prematurely and in essence can be re-labelled as a ruined cumshot. And so seeing as how this ruined/missed session ended more abruptly than normal, I decided to not just make the clip COMPLETELLY available, but also posting ALL the pictures from this set! So there you have it folks: a complete BBB scene, even if it is but a missed/ruined opportunity! You can go check out the scene by following the link below:

Hope you have enjoyed this one and stay tuned as I will attempt to continue to bring you some more!

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