Friday, April 27, 2018

B.B.B. preview: CatWoman "Couch HJ Demo B" (cumshot only)

Greetings and hello everyone! Allow me to introduce to you this week's BBB update in the form of CATWOMAN's couch HJ demo (part 2 or "B")! Yes, back in the day (boy how time has flown since the original move about 5 years ago and this one presently happening - refer to my late december 2017 post about being kicked out by our ex-lier and psychopathic landlord!), but this update here actually does date back to just a couple of years ago. This was back then when I was still attemtpting tests of the then new couch in the living room, for the "handjob" series of BBB sessions. Anyway all this is very common knowledge to all you lovers, fans, followers, and appreciators of the BBB material over the years, so without further awaiting and procrastination, enjoy this post featuring the superbly and ever lovely Catwoman teasing and playing around with the ButterCock!

If I am not mistaken, these images culled from the session's folder features all the images taken from the set, so you have all the juicy and tantalizing pics right here are your disposal! Well at least that is what I think, as I am writing this portion of the post at least 2 weeks after having posted the pictures and uploaded the preview clip over at the P0rnhub videos page. And so yes, you guessed it, you can witness this scene's cumshot preview (in two angles) plus a bonus slow-motion recap at the tail end, by following the link below to be transported to the official BBB videos page over at the aforementionned P0rnhub website! Enjoy!

Have a safe existance my friends and lovers, and I hope to be able to bring you some more BBB updates in the near future! Cheers, be safe, and spread positivity!

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