Friday, April 13, 2018

B.B.B. Savannah's "Simple Facial" (full scene)

Hello everyone; I trust you are all doing well during these trying times (at least for my wife and I as you all know!). This week's gloriously delightful B.B.B. update comes from a very long and overdue request! Yes; remember when I post my "previews" on the P0rnHub channel/site, with the little mentio of "full scene upon requet"? Well for some reason, P0rnHub did not forward me the message originally and I only stumbled upon it 4 months later (YIKES!) but as the old saying goes, better (fel)late than never! And so it is with great pleasure that I bring to you this new full-length BBB scene: Savannah's "Simple Facial"!

The preview from this one dates back a while to be sure, but I am glad to finally unearth and bring to you this "early"-ish session in Savannah's career in the BBB harem. As you all know, the Savannah Bdoll (named after the early 90s pornstar counterpart) is not one who enjoys taking facial cumshots, which is why she is usually called upon when cum receptacle or other non-facial cumplay scenes are required, but on this very rare and unique occasion, Savannah allowed me to spurt a little Butter load all over her and on the Joanna CumRags of course! Enjoying these pictures from the session? Then may I suggest you follow the link below and witness the complete full-length scene over at the P0rnHub videos page!

Of course, I also added the three cumshot angles repeated in slow-motion at the tail end of the clip for extra creamy goodness! Yum! Hope you enjoy, and we will see you later!

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