Friday, May 11, 2018

B.B.B. preview: Simone Style "Beige Fetish Lingerie" (cumshot only)

Hello again everyone! I trust you are all doing well! Well on my side as you can imagine with our moving into the new apartment over the course of the next 2 months, you can imagine that we are going through very hectic times and that time in and of itself is quite a rare commodity! Still, I thought I would pop in to offer you fine folks another little BBB preview!

This week's BBB update comes with the very lovely raven-haired Bdoll beauty Simone Style, wearing a makeshift beige-colored fetish-flavored outfit! Those of you with a keen eye may be able to recognize and identify the elements making up her outfit, such as KLS' pantyhoes, Michelle B's original dress, and other little tid bits of mixing-and-matching clothing items! Dressed in such a succulently sexy get-up, it is no wonder that she gets such a rise out of my cock anytime! Enjoy a few of these preview pictures!

After Simone gave me quite a wild foot and leg job on the couch, we proceeded to move towards the studio room where, positioned atop the Joanna Cum Rags, she was the perfect target for my cum splashings... and what a nice pop I did end up giving her! Although these pictures do not adequately showcase the actual amount of cum sprung forth from my cock, I invite you to follow the link below to be redirected to the BBB P0rnhub videos page and check out the three-angled cumshot preview clip for yourself:

I do hope you fine folks have indeed enjoyed  this little BBB preview, and hope you will also understand as my posts will becoming more erradic until the move, and of course in the weeks following the move itself as we are trying to settle in the new environment. Take care of yourselves and spread the love!

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