Sunday, May 27, 2018

B.B.B. preview: Sylvia Laurent (Sharon) pink lingerie FJ footjob (cumshot only)

Greetings and salutations to all of you out there reading this! Welcome to another quickie little B.B.B. update for this "week"(*)

(*) As our impending move is coming closer and closer with each new day, and how our month of JUne will be perhaps the most hectix one yet since we need to organize the re-flooring, decontamination, re-painting and finally the final measuring of the rooms to figure out what goes where, my own creative output is rendered to that of nothing more than a commentator, as by the time I write this, my entire studio room where I have shot the past 5 years' worth of B.B.B. material has been effectively taken "down": everything is either boxed up or stashed in bags!

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, the hectic moving, but still attempting to make this blog seem somewhat alive! And what better way to keep this alive than to do a wonderful B.B.B. preview post! This week's fortunate and lobvely plastic lady is none other than the incendiary Sylvia Laurent, aka Sharon!

Dressed up in both seductively cute pink lingerie which also works as a massive turn-on, Sylvia wastes no time to give your host here a delectable legjob and handjob combo while on the living room couch. Before too long though it is time to deliver a pop, and we proceed to the main studio room where I manage to muster up a magnificient large pop all over her face as well as Black Canary (aka Dinah) who happened to be sitting atop of the basic set-up, over the CumRags! I don

I hope you have enjoyed this BBB preview and wish to see you come back for more BBB fun and frolicks to cum soon! Here's tha link to the clip again, just in case you miseed it the first time around!

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