Saturday, May 19, 2018

F*&K! the Sandra Parker Bdoll must be retired! (read on)

I apologize in advance if this post seems a bit on the "hectic" side but given the situation and my general inability to remain calm and instead panic during moments of unpredictability, I figure I should attempt to be as direct as possible and start from the beginning. If some elements seem to not be explained properly, don't worry as all should be well laid out in the end. So here goes...

A little while ago, maybe about two weeks or so, I noticed that my beloved and OOAK (One Of A Kind) Bdoll Sandra Parker had two stains on her face: one on her nose, and one above her right eye. Since I rarely do have time to "play" with my dolls as is, and even less so to do any kind of damage control and maintenance, I did not address the issue immediately save for trying to remove it with my finger and saliva. Well that did not work, so I tried other things at a later time...

I then tried to wash her out with soap and warm water while my wife was taking a shower, but that did not out either: those damn two little stains seems quite set it, and refusing to bulge or dissipate at all. So I decided to up the ante and attempt something else...

On another day while my wife was doing something is regards to our weekly laundry, I tried applying rubbing alcohol and, well, rubbing it, but no dice. Later I tried to use a nail clipper to see if I could use the "rough" edge usually reserved for nail filling to see if there was anyway to remove or diminish the stain in any way. Still, nothing happened.

Then this morning I woke up earlier than my wife and decided to do searches online about how to remove stubbing stains on Barbies. Luckily, there are a myriad of helpful links and sites dedicated to cleaning up and refurbishing dolls, including removing stubborn stains on a Barbie's face/head. And so I watched a few videos and read a few other sites to get ideas on how to remove these stains without damaging the doll. One site's video(s) even showed the person purpously using an ink pen and staining a doll, and allowing the stains to set in over night to prove their point.

Finally after a while I watched a video who said to use nail polish removal for the most stubborn stains out there, as the chemicals in those liquids is designed to basically take off nail polish, a compound known for being highly resilient and resistant. So while my wife was napping earlier today (she had a class at 18h30 to 21h30 tonight), I went into her makeup basked and found her nail polish removal bottle, which I recognized because I have very often removed her nail polish (both on her fingers and her toes). So I took an old face cloth and applied a tiny amount of the liquid and started rubbing at the stain above her right eye...

DISASTER! Instead of removing the stain, the compound started ERASING Sandra's eye and eyebrows! The nail polish remover is so strong that it actually erases a Barbie's face makeup/paint! But the worst part is that the stain did not dissipate in the least! Seriously, what kind of stain would be so tough as to be less possible to remove than a Barbie's eye paint?

So I decided to donate poor Sandra. It isn't her fault at all, in fact it is all mine for trying to clear away those two little spots which could have barely been noticeable if I would have re-styled her hair or given her some glasses/sunglasses. But alas, there is no turning back and there is nothing I can do. So, since I fear I may not use her again, she is basically up for grabs FOR FREE to anyone who would like to give her a good home - all I ask in return is that you pay for shipping. This is very much like the "2018 Purging" where things must exit this place ASAP as we are moving in a month's time. Again, I apologize if this is last minute and all, but I never would have thought that something like this would happen!

If no none answers me at my email at in the next couple of days, I fear I will need to donate her to good will, the same way I did a couple of other, older dolls no one had any interest in. What really pisses me off (pardon my language) is that she is a unique doll, made from elements of other dolls, assembled by a gent online, which I purchased art a semi-reasonable price a few years ago. So there you have it. If you wish to give her a good home, she is all yours; all you pay is shipping. I took these pictures to showcase the damage of the two stains (whatever they are and what may have caused them) as well as the damage to her eyes/eyebrows due to the nail polish remover.

So if you yourself ever have to try to clean a doll and decide to follow instructions online, be very, very careful about what you hear/see and read, because it is quite obvious that some of the tricks these people share online are not 100% efficient, as told by this sad, poor tale of the once absolutely gorgeous Sandra Parker Bdoll.

Stay tuned for more positive BBB activities to be revealed soon!

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