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Introducing the SELEN (Luce Caponegro) Bdoll!

Introducing the SELEN (Luce Caponegro) Bdoll!

Yes I know, with the great Bdoll purge of 2018, one would not think that this would be the best of time to acquire a new little plastic cutey to add to the BBB harem,  but when the opportunity appeared, I simply could not pass it up! So firt things first, a little about Selen herself (although I did do a birthday post dedicated to her a while ago, but it might be one of those "due to time constraints and real life interferences issues" type of unfinished post). She used to be a well known pornstar principally in europe as she never actually appeared in any english speaking roles nor made any appearances or interviews in english/north america.  Italian by birth and very well proportioned for a pornstar, Selen made quite a few films before retiring from the jizz biz to pursue other careers, such as music DJ and performer, yoga instructor, and professional cook to name but a few. Being based in europe, the stigma of being an ex-pornstar is much less cruel than here in still quite prudish north america, where once someone does porn, they simply can almost never shake off the sordid past, constantly being reminded of what a shameful past some performers have done.

I have always like Selen from thr moment I first saw her, not even knowing who she was! I was first exposed to the generous charms when my 1/2 brother D and I rented a european porn translated in english (back in the VHS days!) because this particular film had Rocco Siffredi in it (always a favorote of D's), plus Diedre Holland (another favorite of D's), plus Jon Dough (Diedre's husband back then). For the time this was a typical shot on film couples-friendly euro porn featuring some american stars and it was quite pleasant. Carol Nash was credited as the star of the film and her scene with Rocco in some stables out in the country side is quite memorable in itself, but for me the standout scene was the Selen and Jon Dough pairing. Please excuse my youthful misunderstanding but back the. i had no clue who Selen was, and had only seen Carol Nash in a preview of a gangbang on another tape elsewhere, so I thought that Selen was Carol Nash, and Carol Nash was just another european star in this film who got considerably more screen time than anyone else. It was only years later after the original copy of the VHS tape I had made disappeared (lesson learned: never lend lend originals to anyone) that I stumbled upon online clips from this film, and that I realized that the beautiful big-breasted sensual-looking brunette with Jon Dough in that film was indeed Selen!

And yes, if you read my blog in the past years you must have come across a few posts where I mention Selen, or even show a few pictures and clips. Of course I tried to hunt down as many affordable Selen movies on DVD that I could (and I did amass a respectable few, including compilation DVDs featuring Selen scenes) , and like many other pornstars which I have a particular fondness of (Monique DeMoan, Jessica Fiorentino, Julia Taylor, Olivia Del Rio, Victoria Sin, to name a few) , have always wanted to have a Bdoll named after Selen, but none ever actually came close to her likeness in any way. That is of course until my recent obsession with this doll here, originally from the Black Label line of James Bond inspired characters, in this case the unforgettable Solitaire from the Bond film "Live And Let Die"!

It actually began a short while back (not that long ago as I write this but it may be a while before this one goes up online) when I was seemingly obsessing over pornstar Sarah Louise Young. It must have been somehow linked to that "Best Cumshots-Internet Finds" post I released somewhere around mid-march 2018. In any case I was looking into a way to get myself a SLY (Sarah Louis Young) Bdoll but again, it was like pulling teeth. I may have mentioned a wee bit of the difficulty surrounding the proper tagging and identifying by sculpts and types in my "Another Visit to the B4rd1e Expo" post from early-ish march 2018. I also was looking into how to curl Bdoll hair using common household items in case I would find a Bdoll with at least some remote likeness to SLY. One of the important factors when choosing a Bdoll is thinking not only of the hair and skin color but face mold and, dare I say, unique features in Bdoll comstruction. For example, while most model muse Bdolls come in a small variety of posed arms and legs, some have what is called a "reversed stance", and rarer still are some dolls with a slightly enhanced butt or even enhanced breast size! Of course these rare details are made strictly to have said specific Bdoll look a certain way in certain clothes/outfits, and aren't necessarily made to become more "sexualized" in the eyes of the Bdoll holder! 

And if any indication of "enhanced busts" Bdolls which I have noticed online is that these so called larger breasts really aren't all that much more appealing when the doll is not wearing something over it! Still, if any detail would make a Bdoll become the SLY Bdoll (aside from the dark eyes, the sultry face and the dark and curly hair) would deffinately be a larger bust! So there I was trying desperately to find a model muse doll with dark eyes, dark hair (which I could curl myself at house, thanks to tutorials online) and preferably a Lara or Mackie face design (not shutting out the Goddess, Lea, or even the Mermaid face sculpts) but to my surprise no complete database exists online of trying to find a doll with these specifics. Or at least, 1) no really complete database, and 2) not counting those dolls which could fit this bill which I did not already own/owned! Now add the enhanced breasts and you are seriously limiting yourself to anout a half dozen dolls, which made the particularity of an enhanced bust take much less importance in the details to work for the SLY Bdoll. And then I started re-noticing the Solitaire Bdoll from the "Live and Let Die" abond film. Yes, those of you who have followed this blog for a while now will recall how I had actually purchased a Solitaire doll on eBay and then promptly sold her back still unsoiled and untouched. So why now, going back to the Solitaire doll after she had originally just not quite make the passing grade? Well she has brown eyes, and somewhat redish brown hair, with a Lara face sculpt, and yes, enhanced breasts! So this would make her an ideal candidate for the SLY Bdoll if I were to curl her hair after all the initial pleasantries of BoxCums and First Official Facials were taken care of. But ever so quickly I got something else growing in mind, as if she simply was not yet "perfect" enough to represent the SLY as a Bdoll. 

It was right then and there that without even a hint of a "Name That Doll" post could come across that I knew who Solitaire would be/become: Selen! Why not? She has similar characteristics as SLY although her breasts are naturally large and not surgically enhanced, and Selen also has slightly less seductive eyes (just very slightly so!), less curly hair, less dark hair (SLY's could almost pass as black at times), and she just seemed a more natural choice for the doll! Although I still wanted to find a SLY doll, and nothing is preventing me from using the Selen Bdoll to double for SLY once in a while, Solitaire does seem more closely a dead ringer for Selen. Of clurse back in her porn days, Selen had her hair lighter than she does now, sometimes being of such a light brown color that it would almost seem like a frosted blonde atop a "chatain" light brown, but still. I think the name choice in this case is simply a natural choice for this doll!

And there you have it! I hope you too find her to be a close Selen resemblance, and thanks for reading this blog post to officially welcome her to the BBB fold! After the departure of so many gorgeous plastic beauties due to the 2018 purging of dolls, I think Selen will be a wonderful addition to my now more precise-select-specific roster of Bdoll beauties! Stay tuned to see the Selen Bdoll in action as soon as I can start working on making some material available!

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