Tuesday, May 15, 2018

No hangover-still drunk the day after

Hey everyone. I just wanted to pass by and say a little something about what happened to me yesterday, Monday the 14th of may 2018. As the title of this quickie little on-the-fly guerilla drive-by post done using the email function (i.e. not done on the Platform nor on a cell phone, but directly through an email sent to the bl0gger site and converted to a post, hence the only one picture allowed) suggests, I was still druink yesterday morning even after having passed out the night before.

This is not the first time this has happened. It has indeed happened once before a few months ago. It is a very un-nerving and odd sensation to say the least. Essentially you go to bed, obviously still very much under the influence of alcohol (my bad/my fault: I had once full drink too many on Sunday night), and when you Wake up the next morning, instead of being hung-over as most people end up being after such levels of booze absorbtion, you are still somewhat under the influence.

The first time it happened I was very uncomfortable but after abouot 2 hours the feeling subsided and I was back at being sober, and without a hang-over. But yesterday's advent was different; slightly more intense and took almost hapf the work day to be shaken off. A most uncomfortable situation indeed, since being at work under the influence in such manner is anything but pleasant.

Anyway I just wanted to stop by and report on this as this is something quite unusual and very unheard of, like my night-time nasal hickups and such. Did I already mention my night-time nasal hickups? If I didn't I will need to discuss it at some point: another odd physical reaction to which I have found absolutely no information about. Enjoy the rest of the week! And yes, I am trying to work on proper BBB posts!


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