Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Random BBB pics (while I work on real posts!)

Hi everyone: I am in the process of moving with my wife and it's getting real fucking hectic. During this period I am also working on new BBB posts for this blog, mainly the introduction of 3 new BBB dolls (*) as well as trying to find time to edit a full length clip as per the request of someone on the BBB P0rnhub videos page (he saw one of my preview clips and requested the full scene). So in the meantime, please enjoy these little freebies while I prepare the new posts!

(*) Yes I know: Why did I bother with The Purging Of 2018 if I bought new Bdolls? Well let's face it; when you are a doll fetishist and you come across great deals, it is basically hard to resist, especially in the case of 2 out of the 3: 1 is damn near impossible to find even at $300+ on eBay (and I certainly could not afford that!) and the other is a hybrid OOAK (One Of A Kind) with a head taken from an equally rare doll! Anyway, 3 more won't make much of a difference especially if I am reducing by 50% my current harem!

PREVIEW of brand new Bdoll (stay tuned for details) - SELEN

PREVIEW of brand new Bdoll (stay tuned for details) - SARAH LOUIS YOUNG (or SLY)

PREVIEW of brand new Bdoll (stay tuned for details) - ANA NOVA

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