Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Purging, a minimalist move due to moving

I was writing to my good online friend "Brian" via email earlier today. He was one of a few people who jumped on the opportunity to get some of my BBB dolls I had to part ways with due to my being kicked out by the landlord and forced to find a new place to rent. The quick email I sent to him reminded me of just how much my own BBB experiences have been affected by external and uncontrolled circumstance, leading to various "periods" of BBB activities and others lacking of. I thought I would share with you a small "compte rendu" culled from my own somewhat failing memory, as to what happened over the last 18 or so years which has led me to this final "purging" of about half my lovely and so loved and cherished BBBdolls (if you haven't followed this epic saga on my blog here, check out my January 2018 early posts where I pretty much beg to give away some of what used to be my most precious BBBdolls).

A long time ago around 1999 or so, my wife and I moved to an apartment in a north-west burrough of the 514 (that's MTL in the Qc province). By that time I was aware of this thing involving "Barbie" doll fetishism and I was already fascinated by what little and limited material I found online which was principally short clips of cocks cumming on said dolls. I do believe it was around 2000 or 2001, in the earliest days of our resettlement in this new burrough that I bought my first Bdoll ("Katt", now donated to another good BBB appreciator, nocknamed "Miss98"), and instantly started playing with her. Back in those early days, digital technology was still limited and expensive so the closest to "BBB" material I could do was good old Polaroid pictures, or just suggestive non-explicit material using traditional 35mm film. Up until 2004 I bought a few dolls, mostly on special at local shopping malls, and played with them sporadically until my wife and I purchased our very first digital camera. It was then in early 2004 that BBB officially began. 

Anyway, time flew by, more and more dolls were added to the BBB harem, and it was always getting trickier and trickier to keep all of this secret from my wife or anyone close. By the time I got to doll #16 ("Catwoman"), I knew I started to have too many dolls and it was getting more difficult trying to hide them without rousing suspicions. Around that time I still had access to those old Yahoo Clubs/Groups (I lost access to those years ago thank you Yahoo updates) and actually "sold"/traded and even gave away a couple of Bdolls. "Sunny" was one who left early, and "Marianne" was one of the first ones to be received as a trade (she now belongs to "Miss98" by the way). Yet even then, the amount of dolls remained somewhat steady as I was not willing to part with most of them, groin-ing (growing) attached to them as doll fetischists do. 

Oh and let's not forget the various "TtheO" failed shipments where we tried to trade dolls but those he sent me were lost in the mail and those I sent him were mostly destroyed in a huge revenge bonfire instigated by his ex-wife ages ago, so a few of those old school ebony cuteys "like "Rio" and "Streak" for example) are alas long gone from this mortal coil. By this time, my dolls and accessories had grown to such a size that the "hiding place" had become a full-sized hockey bag, filled with dolls and heads (you know what I mean), clothes and accessories, and other material more or less related to the on-camera activities of the BBB dolls. Then there was that "ChulGrosCochon" situation where he would clean up the dolls I left in his care and give them to some of his other friends with children. Good grief!

Suffice it to say that over the years, Bdolls have have come and gone but the majority remained safe in my care and handling.

After about 12-13 years at that apartment with my wife, we decided to move due to the decline in living conditions in that apartment block (example: latest next door neighbours were pot growers and drug dealers). By this time I had pretty much downsized the Bdolls (and accessories) to the size of a regular backpack-most accessories and whatnot safely stashed at a friend's place until a change occured about last year which forced me to essentially throw away in the garbage most of what I had left for safekeeping. This second move had us remain in the same burrough of the 514 but into a smaller place than we had before, which meant a few changes to BBB activities. It was in this "new" apartment that we lived for 5 years, slowly beginning to feel like home. It was during these times that I too started to feel comfortable and re-began buying Bdolls. However by this time, retail stores pretty much had stopped stocking decent dolls on their shelves, and my own changing tastes in dolls outgrew that of typical "normal" models, and so I started purchasing my dolls mostly via eBay and once through the official BarbieCollector website. It was during these years that I sort of began re-stocking up on Bdolls, my harem growing steadily over the years (as you all have seen with all of those "Name That Doll" posts).

Obviously by this time my doll tastes were changing, and some of my older dolls started becoming more of background extras rather than foreground players in my BBB DIY porn adventures, all the while my number of dolls kept increasing as I had began expanding my hiding places. The infamous backpack was but one place of hiding, the rest being a whole drawer of a desk-mounted cupboard/shelf unit. Also by the time, three very rare and un-used (save for the box cums) dolls were also on permanent display in my room, well in view of anyone who would look up the tall shelf - these three dolls being of course Azkadellia (the green witch), Athena (the greek goddess) and Cleopatra. And then on december 27 2017, our deaf and most probably psychopathic landlord served us the letters informing us he was kicking us out, reclaiming the apartment for his sons (for legal matters, but in actuality everyone knows it is but a shallow gimmick to kick us out and rent to anyone else), while giving us lies and bullshit how he originally never knew that the duplex had tenants. Well we learned quickly that the poor loud deaf psycho is also a lier, one who actually believes his own brand of bullshit. Well since then, I knew that I had to cut the proverbial fat in terms of material possessions, which also meant quite unfortunately that I had to downsize considerably on the dolls part of my life, which is where we are now.

So here we are. I got lulled in a sense of home security which led me to owning a somewhat impressive amount of dolls, and being kicked out has also forced me to downsize/streamline/minimalize my porn-sex-dolls side of things. Oh yes I also have/had to get rid of a considerable amount of porn on top of the dolls and other pornoliscious goodies, which breaks my porn hound heart but one must do what must be done to ensure a proper self-preservation survival. 

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