Thursday, June 7, 2018

BBB full scene: CatWoman "Couch HJ Demo (B)"

Hello everyone! I trust you are all doing well! Today's (or rather this week's) B.B.B. update is a long-time delayed request I had from a comment someone posted over at the B.B.B. pornhub videos page ( After seeing the cumshot only preview which was shared and posted a few weeks (months?) ago, someone asked me if I could edit the whole scene for them. It took me a while but one evening my wife had a class or something so I took the all too rare opportunity to actually spend time editing a scene proper! This is the second Catwoman couch handjob try-out (hence the "B" in the title), and as it is quite obvious from all the hooplah I have been writing, features none other than the incredible Catwoman Bdoll, one of the last "surviving" originals from the earlier days of the B.B.B. after the great Bdoll purge of 2018! Anyway, I think that by now you pretty much know the whole story / drill, so without too much more blabbling on my part, here are all the pictures from the session!

I thought that since I was posting the entire scene over at the P0rnhub videos page, I might as well also offer you fine readers here all the pictures taken during the session in itself! One complete set deserves another, right? Anyhow I think you may get what I am getting at. Below you will find a link which will take you dirrectly to the whole complete full-length scene featuring the lovely Catwoman giving me a very nice handjob on the living room couch, which was captured on two camera angles (one is alas but a tripod one so there isn't much movement on that part, but at least the hand-held one offers much in terms of movement!). Check it out by following the link here:

One more time in case you guys did not get to see the P0rnhub link for the scene:

Thanks for tuning in! Hope to see you all come back soon for more B.B.B. fun to come!

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