Sunday, July 1, 2018

B. B. B. preview: 3 chix cum receptacle (cumshot only)

Good day my fellow porn lovers, cum appreciators and Bdoll fiends! Yes, it is that time once again for another wonderful B.B.B. update culled from the massive archives of deliciously creamy Bdoll festivities! This time around we have quite a special treat in store for it features quite a different session than the usual gammut, at least that's how it was when I was attempting to do a preview clip! In any case, let us cut the pleasantries and skip right to it, shall we? Our focus of today is a cum receptacle session featuring three lovely ladies giving the old Butter Cock a run for his money, put un-intentional! We start off with netherlandic lovely Sofia Valentine who works me up quite a bit, followed by a sexy dressed Gwen who continues to get me quite aroused, and to cap it all off, the incomparable Carmen also takes a turn at the pole! Each Bdoll beauty gives me a HJ and FJ complete with the infamous teal g-string undies, and one by one they are brought back to the (now ex) studio room to help me shoot in a cum receptacle, all the while the delicious MiniJoanna rests atop the real life Joanna's equally infamous cumrags! Suffice it to say it was one for the record books, as all too rarely does more than one Bdoll gets to ride the ButterPole (so to speak).

As all the Bdolls are sitting comfortably on the CumRags, I continue to jack myself off using the teal undies for good measure, until I drop them, pick up the cum receptacle and... decide NOT to try to shoot into it, but shoot at the general target area instead! Does this count as a cum receptable if no attempt whatsoever is made to even try to shoot into it? Well you be the judge of that! The cum just basically flies off on all directions, including some overshots, and a good time was had by all! I invite you to go check out the preview clips at the link below:

... As I also made a special little introduction to the whole scene in various stages of action, to help showcase how all three Bdolls were indeed equally used and abused for this very special session! Just thinking about it and I still feel both drained and yet satisfied! Now as you know I do not know if I am installled in the new place by now (judging by the date of release of this post, most probably not; it's probably all chaos!), so I don't know if I will be able to actually edit this scene in its entirety for a while...

Anyhow I hope you have enjoyed this little forray into the BBB, and hope that you will find the preview clip, complete with a slow-motion recap of the 3-angled cumshot at the end, to be quite enticing for you to whet your appetite! Again, I apologize for being scrambling through the chaos of moving, thank you all for your generous patience, and hope to bring you some quality BBB material soon enough! Stay tuned!

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