Wednesday, July 4, 2018

B. B. B. preview: Angelina DiCarlo "Plastered" (cumshot only)

Greetings and salutations my fellow porn hounds and Bdoll cum fetischists! As I write this in advance, preparing BBB posts "long" before they are then scheduled to appear online, we are in the final weeks before the official move, and subsequently as this is being posted online, we are in fact in the new apartment most probably going crazy trying to reorganize our lives in the new place which is not necessarly that much bigger. Yes, one more more (or rather one double room) but the rooms are smaller, and there are much less electrical outlets (plus at least one is completely busted). But once again I must state that you did not come here to read about our stressful moving but rather to enjoy the delights of a new BBB post preview! And this week's preview features none other than the gorgeous italian beauty Angelina Di Carlo! Now before you get into the joys and delights of these pictures and the preview clip (link elsewhere on this post), I wanted to say before I forgot that the original title for this session was not "Plastered", but rather simply "Plasted", most probably due to the fact that Angelina was not entirely plastered but at least pasted, so an amalgan of the two words was formed for the purpose! Now onto the session!

Delightfully sexy Angelina decked out in quite a sexy outfit started the pleasantries by giving me a very sensual handjob on the living room couch, with her two straight arms. Angelina is not a model muse body so she was not "cursed" with the one arm bent and one arm straight (and yes folks, I know that not all model muses have bent arms, but those which I have had the pleasure of acquiring for my perverted pleasures have rarely had two straight arms). After a short while of fun on the couch watching some porn on the big TV, we proceeded to the studio room where the set-up was ready, and I placed our plastic lovely right atop the Joanna CumRags, and then jacked myself off all over the place! You can check out the cumshot-only preview clip by following the link provided below which will bring you directly to my P0rnhub videos page:

Thanks again for stopping by and watching this, and I hope to come back soon with more updates and news about our latest life experience! Oh and of course, the cumshot(s) angle(s) are repeated at the end of the clip in slow motion for good measure!

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