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Need I repeat myself concerning how impossibly attracted I am and in almost uncontrollable lust towards Julia Taylor? Perhaps it would be best if I did; all the original data I had written and posted on my previous two blog sites (censored, and censored!) is long gone, a faded memory in the consciousness of those who have had the pleasure of reading those pages. So in the spirit of not simply letting the appreciation of Ms Taylor fall into the usual trappings of a typical fanboi fanaticism, I thought I would at the very least give up a few words about this absolutely luscious little diva. Without such words, anyone could too easily misinterpret my fascination and almost "obsession"-like appreciation for this redheaded beauty...

To begin, it goes without question that Julia Taylor is part of the "holy trinity". If you aren't aware of this concept of mine, and haven't read the last two censored blog sites, then please allow me to attempt to explain the idea. The "holy trinity" consists of three "unmoveable" pornstars, who's top placement way above and beyond any other type of "listing" of favorites, is secure until the end of my own consciousness. Basically, even if I were to say something like "Carmen Vera is my all time favorite pornstar", it would be true, but the "holy trinity" is still a step above, and cannot be compared to anyone else nor come in any way close to any form of favoritism competition, if that makes sense. It is similar to the concept of Hollywood star Salma Hayek and every one else. Even though I could say something like "Jessica Alba is the sexiest woman alive", she still could not hold a candle to Salma Hayek, who position as eternal goddess of everything will forever remain. So even if I claim that anyone else is amongst my favorite adult performers, the "holy trinity" is in a class of their own, and can never be compared to anyone else.

Now with that in mind, I first laid eyes on Julia Taylor long ago, back in the late 90s (I think!), during my first exposures to the internet. Back in those days, having online access was a big deal, seeing as how it wasn't everyone who had an interweb ready computer. Surfing speed was also considerably less performant; anyone else remember those 14400 and 36600 dial up modems? High speed internet and wireless technology wasn't as readily available then as it is today... But free porn was also of a different caliber; what was free back then was also legally free, being principally small samples provided by the production companies to promote their material, either on their pay-for-play websites, or to entice to purchase the VHS or DVD release (yes: VHS was not yet fully discontinued back then, as adult DVDs were just starting to take the market by storm). So in those days, the legally free porn online was of a different caliber than what came afterwards, when pirating started to ruin it for the industry, and when performers and companies realized that the internet was a whole new market to explore and take over! So in those early days of the internet, when I used to save my clips and pics on those 3 & 1/2 inch disquettes, and stayed up all night (literally) to "collect" as much stuff as I can now download in 15 minutes these days, was when I was exposed to the breathtaking samples of Hungarian beauty Julia Taylor...

Most if the very difficult and limited material of Ms Taylor's of the era was mainly free samples provided by the Private Media Group, from such Antonio Adamo films as "Devil In The Flesh", for example. I recall being completely captivated by this redheaded european beauty, even if I did not know who she was; very often in those days, performers weren't as clearly identified as they are these days. So knowing I had no other way to figure out who she was, I collected as much of her legally free material as I could, thinking I would never be lucky to find out who this east-euro hottie was.... In fact, it took a few years before I discovered who she was, and the moment I did, I knew I had already acquired some of her samples. And so it was only logical that when I started collecting DVDs through my very first contact (which I still deal with today, over a decade later!) that I would include pretty much all Julia Taylor material that I could find! In fact, I even collected stuff I had to return due to my first bouts with discrediting and multi-aliases; american performer Natalia Wood would also sometimes go under the name of Julia Taylor, hence creating some level of confusion, to say the least!

Even in my earliest days of DVD collecting, alot of material was already discontinued. Julia's most exquisite performance in the Joey Silvera "Pink Hotel #2" from Evil Empire was already unavailable, as were most of her european-only titles. However my contact made me a deal when he saw the amount of Private titles on my wishlist, and one of the first result was to get a good dozen or so of her Private performances, most of which were duplicated on her "Private Life Of Julia Taylor" double disc, but I did not mind at all; Julia Taylor was one of my all-time favorites already back then, and I was just ecstatic to have finally found out who she was and able to get my hands on some of her releases!

In the next few years, I would continue to hope to acquire more of her material, but as availability was not what it once was, I had to keep an open eye in case a DVD featuring her would surface. One day my contact pretty much emptied out the Marc Dorcel stock from one of his warehouses, and within the incredible collection lied "Les Fantasmes Inavouables de Julia", a european story-oriented release in which she performed three scenes. The film itself is known under a few other titles, and can also be found on the international market distributed by other companies. On another occasion an ex-friend who worked at a used record shop had purchased off of a walk-in a few adult VHS tapes, one of which was a Christoph Clark directorial effort which featured Julia Taylor and a host of other east european ladies who mostly appeared under various pseudonyms, making the prospect of identifying them, and the movie itself, quite difficult at best. In fact, to this day, I have never been able to figure out what was the original title of the release, and who was the original production company and distributor! However I haven't gotten rid of the tape which is still part of my collection!

As time advanced, it was rumored that Julia had indeed quit the business. This was not a surprise seeing as how the usual turnover of performers was a well established fact since the early 90s. But as I still continued to collect DVDs and tried to hunt down as many JT titles as I could,

above: Julia Taylor with Rita Faltoyano & Katsuni - a total wet dream cum true, no?







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  1. Julia is my favorite porn actress, I love her scene with Nacho Vidal


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