What is BBB?

(BBB official channel: http://www.pornhub.com/users/butter_bbb)

My sincere apologies to both well versed fellow doll enthusiasts, who have heard this explanation countless hundred times in various forms throughout the ages, and to those just tuning in, the uninitiated, who haven't been able to read the original and proper definition(s) of the BBB thanks to my previous blog sites (yes, plural!) being censored, as well as my own numerous and varied forum contributions also being lost out there in the cyber oblivion where it seems most of my virtual donations end up after a while! Apologies to you dear reader, seeing as how I have to yet once again try to explain the nature of this 8+ (officially since 2004) year adventure!

Material found online which was inspirational for the BBB's inception!
Material found online which was inspirational for the BBB's inception!
Material found online which was inspirational for the BBB's inception!
Material found online which was inspirational for the BBB's inception!
In the most basic and purest of forms, BBB is quite simply "Butterman's B@rb1e Bukkake". The name came to me about 1 and a 1/4 seconds after I saw two short clips online which inspired me to turn it into a "regular" (i.e. somewhat permanent) marketable fetish. The namesake is quite simply based on the fact that if an adult male is to ejaculate onto a 12 inch tall doll, the result would look like a bukkake, as seen through the miniaturized viewpoint of a doll's perspective. In essence, BBB is the mixture between the doll fetish and the sperm/cum fetish.

(Below are a few animated GIFs which were found online and inspired me to do the BBB!)

a gent calling himself "HeavyCumShooter" in a B-doll set, highly inspirational
a gent calling himself "HeavyCumShooter" in a B-doll set, highly inspirational
a gent calling himself "HeavyCumShooter" in a B-doll set, highly inspirational
a gent calling himself "HeavyCumShooter" in a B-doll set, highly inspirational
a gent calling himself "HeavyCumShooter" in a B-doll set, highly inspirational
It all started in the late 90s back in the days before Pentium computers were affordable, before high-speed internet was developed, and before wireless internet connections. As soon as I had regular internet access, my mission was to amass and collect as much legally free porn as I could, be it pro-stars porn, amateur and DIY porn, even she-male/solo/bi/gay porn... Seeing as how my main "fetish" (or "thing") was cumshots, I did not prevent my quest for the ultimate spunk collection to be halted by societal limitations of gender roles.

(Below are the two clips found all those years ago which inspired me to do BBB!)

Others out there were already doing it... Why not me?
One day (or rather night, as it were) I stumbled upon a legally free amateur website about a Guy who would make animated GIF images and short, low-quality silent clips of his ejaculations. Pretty much a goldmine for the spunk fanatic! While rummaging through his site, I found two short clips and one animated GIF of him dumping a load ontona 12 inch sized B@rb1e doll (or Bdoll as I quickly learned to avoid the legal copyright name) and that immediately hit me as something of a turn on. I thought that one of my own ejaculations would look quite massive on such a small doll, plus it is a 3-D somewhat "interactive" tactile toy to dump a spunkin' upon, and it would also satisfy my own unquenchable desire to give facials, something which was already far too rare in reality. The namesake BBB was almost instantaneously established, and the adventure would be born.

(Below: more influencial clips found online during the inception era of the BBB)

I was not the only one who felt the 12 inch doll had sex toy potential! (image found online)
It seemed others were also sharing their own Bdoll fetishes online (image found online)
Either around 1999 or 2001 (the exact timeline is not known anymore) I purchased my first doll whom I would name "Katt". My plan was to find one doll to be quite enough to satisfy all my possible doll fetishes, which is why I opted for a brunette, seeing as how I always preferred brunettes in porn and real life. These were days after my legit porn era, so "private" photo processing was not an option, and prior to the days when digital cameras were affordable. I was therefore to use the means at my disposal, hence those old Polaroid insta-cams for explicit material, or regular everyday 35mm film to be processed in a lab, for stuff which could pass and not show so much explicitness! The first day I came back with Katt after having purchased her in a shopping mall not far from where I used to work at the time, I took polaroid pictures of her very first BBB baptism; a quickie pee on the bathroom counter! That original one of a kind polaroid pic was donated to long-time doll fetishist and BBB fan, TtheO.

First BBB experiments using traditional 35mm film then scanned into a computer...
These first tests featured KATT (doll #1) and PUNK (doll #2)
Early BBB experimentation with the flatbed scanner, and plastic wrap to prevent equipment damage!
Soon enough I realized that if I were to offer my material to others out there, then perhaps I would need more than just a brunette doll. After all, the stereotypical idea of such a doll is that she is a blonde, and so I knew I needed something more traditional to start this "empire" properly. I could not find a proper blonde doll which I found appealing, so I stumbled upon a special collection which featured a 2-in-1 hair color change-up possibility. "Punk" had the choice between white "platinum blonde" hair, or a very purple colored hair-do. With her more flexible waist, she was a great add-on to the meager collection of the moment. With Katt and Punk, I began to shoot post-cum pictures using a standard everyday 35mm camera, with film developed at a local pharmacy (without any explicitness, it was in fact just pictures of dolls with "gunk" on them!).

KATT, BBB's 1st ever doll, after her 1st official BBBaptism from way back in 2004!

PUNK, the 2nd Bdoll of the harem, takes on her secondary facial load from 2004!

RIO, the official 3rd BBBdoll, takes a creamy official 3rd facial from the 2004 days!

One of the various bonus sets of 2004, featuring a few naked dolls dripping in cum!
But continuing to hunt down the net for other pictures and clips of Bdolls being used in similar fashion, I discovered I had a growing fascination with the ebony variety and set off to purchase a black doll. Upon my arrival at the store, there was a special on specific dolls which had me leave the shop with two ebony beauties. "Rio" was of the darkest complexion any doll could be but with gorgeous features to melt anyone looking into her eyes, and "Flex" had a fully-posable body and an almost "hindu" feel about her look. The BBB harem was now seemingly complete, with 4 Bdolls which could easily portray just about any type of "lady" one could think of... Of sorts! I thought that this was to be the end of my monetary spendings on such toys to feed my growing fascination with a still yet almost unheard of fetish.

FLEX takes on her very first official facial cumshot from 2004, a rare camera appearance!

Even back then, KAYLA's complexion did not showcase the cum very well (her 1st Prom Night in 2004)

KRIS foregoes the formalities and wears a generic top for her first official BBB glazing in 2004!

PERM, the Tera Patrick look-a-like, in the very first ever BBB pictorial tests (2004 Prom Night test)
However one day, while skulking around in the toy section of a local shopping mall, they were having a mega sale on the purchase of any 2 dolls. Buy one, the other is half price, regardless of which collection is was part of. Lo and behold, my gaze fell onto models which I had never seen before, nor imagined. The late 90s and early Y2K ebony models seemed to have this incredible sculpt and design, something which would change quite quickly in the near future. "Star" was a beautiful, almost pulpous/curvaceous black beauty, very representative of the collection she was part of. "Kris" had these smokey eyes which perfectly complimented her near-perfect chocolate complexion. "Perm" looked like a Japanese-Ebony mulato, and in some ways seemed to be reminiscent of the earlier days' Tera Patrick. "Kayla" was the green-eyed paled skin bright redhead whom had caught my eye. Unable to control my obvious enthusiasm in front of such uncommon doll models, I left the store with enough new Bdolls to double my harem, now with a grand total of 8 gorgeous mini plastic cuteys, most if which were in fact of the ebony persuasion

STREAK, another ebony cutey, after getting blasted for her 1st official BBB facial in 2004!

NAILS, another ebony bauty, gets a massive Butter Bukkake for her Baptism in 2004!
SUNNY was the 1st Bdoll to ever receive an on-camera BoxCum, in 2004!

Rio takes a mega globber on her kisser in 2005's numerous "Rave Babes" series!
By this time I decided to try doing more complex photo shoots using the traditional 35mm camera, using subtle hints of sexuality masqueraded under the fact that one could not do macro photography with a run of the mill camera: anything closer than 3 feet from the lens would result in blurry images. During this period I was also experimenting with various fake cum recipes, which proved to be perfect with what I was trying to achieve with my limited photographs. Most of the photos done during this era were never scanned into a computer, so most of those earlier pre-digital (and thus pre-hardcore) photos remain, for the general part, unseen by most (note: doubles of these photographs were sent to TtheO, more details on his involvement to come soon!).

Kayla in a makeshift fetish outfit prepares for a night HJ during 2005's Butter B-day celebrations!
Streak is fully covered during this Halloween 2005 session disguised as a belly dancer!
STAR can barely see through all the thick & rich ButterCum in this 2005 "naked" session!
The TIFFANY MYNX 2 doll gets her original clothes splattered in her 2005 baptism!

One fine day I found a small area in the toy section of a local shop which was reserved for liquidation. Wouldn't you know it, they had a few Bdolls in their stash, prices slashed to a ridiculous low, something which I was not counting on. Two very beautiful ebony dolls seemed to be almost screaming for me to pick them up, bring them back home, and add them to my already over-voluminous collection. "Streak" looked like a full-lipped fun-loving chocolate cutey with a hair stylen all to her own. "Nails" was more the sultry type, with a dark complexion and smokey eyes which I found impossible to resist (note: Nails was part of a collection from which future purchase Rosalyn was also part of. Details to follow!).

No, she isn't out of focus, but TIFFANY MYNX 3 got a facefull of Butter! 2005's 1st Baptism!
STREAK may be wearing the facial, but it is STAR who got the shampoo! From a 2005 "Goodbye" set!

STAR's body is dripping with thick cum in this 2005 "Goodbye" session!
Early 2006's "Kat&Kaylie'sKlub" sessions had numerous entries, like the "Hostesses Hosed" set!
Kaylie poses in her makeshift fetish outfit in front of a wooden crate, from early 2006!
KATT does the same, from 2006's first ever "away" session(s), Katt&Kaylie'sKlub!
I clearly remember saying to myself that 10 Bdolls was more than enough. It was in fact much more than I had ever anticipated and I found myself admitting to falling into the trappings of becoming a doll fetishist, and more specifically an ebony doll fetishist, seeing as how 7 out if the 10 dolls I owned were in fact of that particular persuasion! These were not just the days when I found myself feeling surrounded by more Bdolls than I had ever thought possible, but also the last days of experimenting with regular camera work, constantly trying to push just how "suggestive" or "explicit" I could make these photographs. This is because in 2004, BBB would officially begin....
Some spit & some cum; Katt is fresh from her fetish sets straight into 2006's Miss BBB sessions!
Even Catwoman joined the fetistivites during 2006's broken camera sessions (flash required!)
PUNK gets a mega facial in this special "Bikini Beach" request session from 2006 for TtheO!

That's a cummy tummy! Another bonus request on PUNK for TtheO, from the 2006 sessions!
2004 was the official beginnings of BBB with the purchase of our very 1st digital camera. Of course in retrospect it was of very low quality compared to today's cell phones who shoot in higher definition than most cameras, but for the time, it was more than adequate to start truly experimenting with what I had originally envisioned for my fetish interpretation. I recall my very first clips as "experiments", one of which would actually help form an early "thematic" and be part of the official clips. This was also around the time I also learned alot about angles, focus, lighting, tripod placement, and... Having extra spare batteries at the ready! One session in particular was lost thanks to the batteries dying off right when they should not have!

Terri enjoys a night Giga session wearing nothing but pure Butter pee all over her naked body! (2006)
Rio shows that even if you are wearing a cum-proof suit, you aren't necesarly cum-protected! From 2006.
As a runner-up of 2006's Miss BBB pageant, KATT managed to get more than her fair share of splooge!
As I slowly began the early 2004 BBB formulae, which would consist of at least 2 basic facials on each doll (one in her original costume, the other was anything that I fancied at the time), one HJ (handjob), one J/O (jerkoff), one "Prom Night" session, and soon enough a Giga clip as well), I also thought that this was the time to continue to expand the roster of dolls in the harem. Another local shopping mall special on selected dolls had me purchase 6 new entries in the Butter Bordello: "Sunny" was your typical californian beach blonder surfer chick (who would later become famous in a pro-am clip from someone else), "Kimi" looked more like the L.A.-based half asian party girl, "Terri" was an almost good girl caucasian brunette, "Foxy" was my very first afro-haired doll, Kaylie was another blonde babe, and finally the first ever "Bad Grl" ever to join the ranks of the BBB, the first "Catwoman" doll (based on the Halle Berry mega flop Hollywood fiasco movie). Now with 16 dolls to the BBB, the possibilities seemed to be unlimited.

Kris lets the liquid KY drip down the ButterCock before giving it a nice late nite HJ (2006)
PERM literally bathes in thick ButterGiga in this morning BBB pee session from 2006!

Although these last 6 bdolls were purchased in late 2004, it wasn't until 2005 that their official first sessions were released to an unsuspecting public. It was also in early 2005 that some if these dolls became the first to take part on what would become a time-honoured BBB tradition which quickly became known as the "BoxCum" Baptism. 2005 also saw the beginnings of a few other themes which, at the time, would also seem to be destined to become "classics" in the BBB repertoire, such as the "Home Grlz" series, and the "Rave Babes" series. 2005 also saw the first trials of shooting at another location, using access to a friend's apartment enabled me to bring the BBB into another direction (of sorts). 2005 also saw the very first publicly accessible BBB group on Y@h00 clubs (as they were known back then), which enabled more people to discover my "art", which I would seem to already produce in a very prolific manner. Up until that time, things seemed to be quite clear and on the rise for his one guy production line.

KAYLIE was just at the right place at the right time to get a sticky shampoo treatment in this 2006 MissBBB session!
A naked RIO gets a back-side doggy-style spunking in a special 2006 session!

2006 was when things began to get a bit more complex, and yet provided more reason for BBB to grow. Amongst other things to remember happening in 2006 was the acquisition of more Bdolls, such as the three "Tiffany Mynx" dolls... As part of the two for one special happening at the time, another (4rth) doll had to be purchased, so I picked up another doll from the collection, who would be named "Brittney Skye" via a poll shared with fans and enthusiasts on the BBB group. 2006 was when the BBB started to get alot of interaction thanks to the polls in the groups and some carefully placed and hinted blurbs on discussion forum (such as the FacialForum . net, from which I am now barred but still remembered!) which generated enough buzz to start doing a few things "for the fans". Original and first BBB maniac not only started his own series of groups and discussion forums, but inherited a few of my earlier ebony dolls (Which I wasn't too keen on parting with, but a more than fair trade made up for it!), as well as gave me the idea for the yearly "Miss BBB" poll, which would go on for the next 3 years. The first three dolls to leave the BBB fold were Flex, Streak, and Star, all of which went through a proper "goodbye" period before TtheO received them, safe and sound!

Foxy plays "Isabelle" in a special 2-part series where she is emulating a real-life person...
Jenna (the "half" head) take a decent-enough full-on facial in a Halloween 2007 session!
Late at night, when everyone's supposedly sleeping, TERRI has a MISSED POP experience with Butter's cock!
Receiving some of the overshots, the cummed-up sign for the 1st of 2007 special exclusive material!
2006 also saw new dolls come into the BBB harem, such as the purchase of the second real Bad Grl Bdoll, Harley Quinn, who remains to this day one of the LEAST popular of the Bdolls, but along with the 1st Catwoman and a newly purchased "Kumiko" doll (who would become the leader of the Bad Grlz gang) helped formed one if the "strongest" series of Bdolls in the harem. Along with Kumiko, latina hottie "Rosalyn" (often just called Rose) was purchased; named after the latina Hollywood actress Rosalyn Sanchez, she was found on special at a liquidation outlet, part of the same series as ebony doll Nails from 2004! But 2006 was also the first time BBB was threatened to retire before it even started. It was in late 2005 that I began toying (pun intended) with the idea of quitting doing BBB altogether, but thanks to TtheO and a few other great fans offering their support and dedication, BBB continued for another year, once again acquiring new Bdolls in the harem, such as "Katjsa", the orange-haired fairie with a very unique mug, and ebony "Raven", based on a popular "tween" TV show if the era. 2006 also saw the first trials of a never-finished project called the "Bride Of Butter", where a doll made out of other various doll parts would be assemble à la Frankenstein's monster to form the Butter Bride. After 3 sessions, the project was shelved.

 (above: the cumshot clip for the second portion of the "Bride Of Butter" series)

Catwoman gets some sloppy seconds as she receives the "droppers" from this unrelated 2007 session!
Cutey ROSALYN takes on a hefty Butter-facial as part of yet another "Miss BBB" themed session in 2007
Katt returns for another Home Grlz group session in 2007, getting a major spunking in the process!
After having been lured back and not retiring, 2007 became the year where things changed once again. Trades with other fans and fetishes became more common, and some little give-aways were done as well. "Dev" won himself one of three Catwomen dolls (which were bought at ridiculously low liquidation pricing specifically for a giveaway), donated blonde Bdoll "Marianne" to the BBB harem, and inherited a very cummy Sunny doll. Marianne became the focus of attention alongside new blonde Bdolls Crystal Rae and Angela Crystal. By now I hope you realize that the earlier naming of dolls with name that start with "K" had become naming them after pornstars which they emulated. That year also continued 2006's first trials at "longer" sessions (see later notes on "The BBB Formulae" for more details), but still the clips remained generally 15 seconds in length each to allow for Y@h00 groups file upload. But if you'd assemble them together, you would get a lengthier session, which included the first real post-cum aftermath showcase which has become a BBB standard to this day. 2007 also saw the arrival of a second digital camera, which obviously meant the first multi-angled cumshot experiments. UK fans and enthousiasts also donated to the BBB in that period; Kula sent over two "heads", the first and only heads to be featured in the BBB-"Candy" was the full-sized head, which meant in reality that she was more like a half sized head, while "Jenna" was officially a half-sized head which meant that she really was a quarter-sized head. These enabled the BBB to experiment with what would be more "normal" looking facials, and a Y@h00 group called BBF (for Butterman's B@rb13 Facials) was created to share some of the earlier results.

One of SUNNY's final BBB sessions before being donated to DEV: a 2007 long, uncut session... So long Sunny!
Also ready to say goodbye: PUNK in one of her final sets before being donated to TtheO!
Katjsa glistens after taking a delicious pop over her naked body in this 2007 session with ebony dolls!
Ebony Bad Grl newbie Raven Simone gets intro-glazed with the Bad Grlz in her 2007 baptism!
2007 also saw amongst the first uncut full-length sessions recorded using the mutli-angle set-up. The first digital camera (from 2004) could not shoot clips longer than 3 minutes, but the "newer" camera could shootn clips up to an hour or two. So at the request of Dev, a few longer, uncut clips were shot, which included a secondary angle for the cumshot. That year another fan and friend made some fine trades with me and also would become one of the most important contributors to the BBB harem; FDF, a professional photographer and videographer, helped make BBB what it was and what it would become. His own love of another series of dolls, the Tonner dolls, also allowed me to experiment with one of those dolls which her was getting rid off. This was also the year of the Giga, the pee-oriented side of the messy doll fetish, which was explored on numrous occasions at various other locations, and to which the concept of a pee "bukkake" was much more presented in a representative format. That year also saw the goodbye sessions of one of the very first Bdolls: Punk was donated to TtheO's then main squeeze, who fell in doll lust with the purpled haired one after watching alot of BBB material through her boyfriend. After quite a few sessions, Punk was sent away and started her new existence as a woman's sex toy. But also 2007 saw the arrival of anfew other dolls in the harem, a couple of Bad Grlz like "Katianna", a German blonde doll from an Oktoberfest collection, and "Kaida", a purple-haired fairie which turned out to being (becoming?) Katjsa's half-sister. These two new dolls would only be introduced the following year to the unsuspecting public. And yes, again towards the end of the year, I toyed with the idea of retirement, but once again I was convinced otherwise by "the doll posse", and thus BBB continued onwards....

Latina hottie Rosalyn gets a face bath like never before in her 2007 stint as a Halloween Angel!
Kris returns in 2007 and teases the ButterCock in this late night improvised bedroom HJ set!
Californian blonde doll Brittney Skye enjoys a mega FAKE bukkake experiment (from 2007)

Another shot of the fake bukkake experiment upon Brittney Skye, part of her 2007 legacy!
On a slight side note, it was also in 2007 that one of our cameras had to be sent into the shop for repairs, leaving me for a short duration with only one camera and a very low-memory capacity card. I thus went into the "quickies" series, returning to the basics and then some, where "sessions" were limited to the short 15 second-long cum clip, with about 5 to 10 post cum pics only, in order to utilize and maximize all sessions without having to run out of space in the memory card. In fact this was the perfect representation of my by now well known and infamous motto of "never waste a load", which basically was the simple philosophy of never "wasting" shooting a load off camera: if I was horny and could masturbate, then why not make a session out of it?

Marianne, the 1st official "trade" Bdoll from DEV in the USA, after taking on her very 1st facial  (2008)

A few hous later, Marianne receives a second load, her 2nd official facial cumshot! (2008)
Foxy, a 2008 winner of the Miss BBB pageant, gets a proper facial glazing in 1 of her winning sets! (2008)
Also a Miss BBB 2008 winner, Angela Crystal takes one for the team in this effective facial! (2008)
2008 is when things start getting garbled. On a personnal note, my alcoholism and drug intake and experimentalism was at an all time high (pun intended) and lasted for a while until I sobered up, somewhat. 2008 say the introduction of yet a few more Bdolls, donated by FDF, who have been regular participants in the BBB since then. Superhero dolls, which I had grown quite fond of, were the perfect added bonuses to the ever-growing Bad Grlz gang. Raven-haired Elektra was my very first black haired doll, and Sue Storm, better known as the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four, was a great blonde-haired Bdoll added to the harem. But one of the most important acquisitions in the history of the BBB was the now legendary KLS (Kimora Lee Simmons) doll. A special limited edition collector's only doll, FDF had pre-ordered 2 copies, knowing that the collectible will not be available through regular channels (i.e. the open market and regular chain stores) but that it would also sell out quickly. The KLS doll instantly became one of the most important BBB dolls in the harem, was the unconditional leader of the Bad Grlz (Kumiko graciously resigning her post), and wasnthe first Bdoll to go through a number of BoxCums before being opened up, at which point she participated in quite a number of "experimental" sessions where the cum was not shot at her, but where she still managed to be the center of attention. In essence, KLS did not follow the usual rules of the BBB formulae, and it became obvious she would take a great part in the BBB universe of the time. With KLS as the main protagonist, I began experimenting with various slight variants on the usual formulae, such as my first shot-glass experiments, the first leg/foot fetish sessions, the slight "fur" explorations, and finally the first ever mutli-angled HJ session.

Fan favorite Brittney Skye continues to participate in group sessions, getting pasted in the process! (2008)
Esme (1) a Tonner doll donated by UK's FDF takes on her 1st facial baptism with the Bdolls (2008)
Kimora Lee Simmons (or KLS) in one of her numerous pre-facial "Assist" sessions (ShotGlass, 2008)
"Full Sized" head Candy with shades takes on a September night facial, 1 of many (2008)
By that time, I had already opened up an Xtube channel to host longer clips, seeing as how the extremely limited 5meg maximum per file uploaded to the Y@h00 groups was far from satisfactory... Nor a possibility! The Xtube channel also forced me to post and share more "finalized" sessions into the form of a "scene", which helped me practice my editing chops. Of course, the Bdoll fetish still being wrongfully accused of being a representation of an illegal (and sick) act, most people did not get it at all, and a good deal of my clips would get flagged and censored. Under examination, it became clear that the main "excuse" or "reason" for folks to flag the BBB material as inappropriate was to claim it was an infringement of copyrighted material, and throughout the year 2009, my main battles was to challenge Xtube's censorship of my clips as flagged by closed minded trolls and haters. But through exploring and exposing myself on Xtube, as well as taking an active role on their (then) discussion forum, I got in touch with a whole new world of like-minded folks who used their own "fetishes" (whatever it may be) to explore their own sexuality on camera and share their pleasures with others. It quickly became apparent to me, in 2009, that a great deal of my "audience" were male, most if which were gay or curious, who saw past through the doll fetish and honed in on the open sexuality of a horny guy underneath the first facet of the clip(s).

Miss BBB "regular" Tiffany Mynx 2 gets a proper creaming on her kisser in this runners-up set (2008)
Angela Crystal takes on a messy 2nd facial (with crusty remnants of her 1st!) from her 2008 debut!
Kumiko enjoys some thick pre-cum in an early 2009 late night semi-missed quickie...
Kaida gets ready to juice a Butterload in her first official HJU session (early 2009)
2009 seemed to be becoming the best BBB year since its inception. New dolls joined the harem, such as scottish lass "Fiona", a dark redheaded pale skinned beauty who was perfect as a Bad Grl addition. Brazilian babe Karmela brought another latina touch to the Bdoll empire. There even was a Joanna Angel doll added to the repertoire. 2009 also had the appearance of part-time temporary leader of the Bad Grlz, "Black Canary", who was sent to me on temporary assignment by DSD, an american fan of sorts, who also donated (on a permanent basis) another most important addition to the BBB harem, Gaia Arizona, or AZ for short. The year was also when the multiple angled cumshot became a standard, sessions were in fact scenes, and X-tube was in full effect: the "old" audience generally followed onto the host change, new appreciators came into the fold, tributes were almost constantly being asked to be done, the X-tube forum was now "my" playground where it seemed I could do no wrong, and towards the end of the year, the BBB repetoire even started to include previews of upcoming full length scenes... New thematics (or gimmicks, depending on how you look at it) were introduced, such as the now infamous "Cheap Cheatin' with da Bad Grlz" and "PSD" missions.

Kaylie partakes in an oddball experiment, the "Gunge" (slime-mess) fetish in early 2009
Black Canary is literally glazed in her 3rd official facial session with the Bad Grlz (2009)
Kimora Lee Simmons in her 1st official facial session after a few misses! (early 2009)
Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman, joins the Bad Grlz & takes her facial baptism! (2009)
But 2009 also was a very difficult year to follow. Towards the end I had opened up my first blogsite on W0rdpress (for those who remember that era), as well as had started an online "relationship" with an ex-dominatrix who also shared to an extent the miniaturization fetish, Horny Little Devil (or HLD for short). Those who recall the W0rdpress days will also remember the downfall of what could have brought the BBB to new levels. Basically, in case you are just tuning in and have no clue to what the HLD period was all about, it started of as a seemingly mutual appreciation for doll fetish exploration and gratification to the point where things were starting to seem as those HLD would in fact become the "female" equivalent of myself and lead the "EU" (that's european) side of the BBB. However in early 2010 her true intentions were revealed and the "relationship" was effectively nullified in a way which I must admit I am not proud of at all, but seeing the deep emotional commitment I had unfortunately placed onto this venture, it seemed like I had nowhere else to go but... Away. So the beginning of 2010 was off to a rough start, to say the least. I had just "upgraded" my old use account on Xtube to that of an "amateur", which meant no more copyright flagging of my material (seeing as how I write this "memoir" during various spare moments, I do not know if I explained this earlier, so apologies if I am repeating myself). As a regular Xtube user/channel, a lot of the material I posted was often flagged as copyright infringement, so the Xtube administrators suggested I upgrade to "Amateur" which basically means that I own all rights to my posted material. But what Xtube did not mention is that 48 hours later after my transition, they invented the "VIP" account which gets priority upload and posting over other accounts, which I never forgave them... And which explains why some of the BBB clips took so long to show up as online and available!

German Bad Grl Katiana takes on her 3rd official facial treatment, completely sticky! (2009)
During an unrelated Mss BBB session, Tiffany Mynx 2 gets another royal pasting! (2009)
Crystal Rae gets friendly fired upon by accident in the P.S.D.'s 2nd official mission! (2010)
MiniJoanna joins the BBB in a special introdutory tour-de-force baptism (2010)
The first few months of 2010 were difficult; I was trying to get over the HLD situation, which left my sessions (at least to my knowledge) of a lesser quality than those which came prior. But that also saw the beginning of a new concept which would continue to be sporadically explored, and that was the multiple cumshot session. Seeing as how some of my sessions reached the timeframe of actual scene status, some reaching well over the 20 and 30 minute mark (including one epic "PSD" session which clocked at 45 minutes!), I decided I could add numerous cumshots to the same scene, which led to some longer 2010 sessions featuring a certain amount of cumshots within the same session. But the afterburning effect of the post-HLD days continued as my presence on the Xtube forums was not welcomed anymore as it seemed that everyone had silently decided to "gang up" on me and treat me as "the bad guy", which was the final coffin's nail into my own refusal to contribute to discussion forums from that point on. But 2010's earlier days also saw the unveiling and unpacking (in quite "classic" BBB fashion with the famous "boxcum" sessions, as well as new pre-facial trials) of new Bdolls which had been waiting for a few months before being revealed properly. Sylvia Laurent, aka Sharon was a dark-haired brunette named after the european pornstar, who was instantly picked up when she was seen in the stores. Similar situation was for the Renee Pornero doll, a pale-skinned jet-black raven haired beauty who really wore her namesake. But one of the most important changes of 2010 was to happen in april when I was contacted by someone online who would help contribute and be part of the BBB phenomenon for the years to come.

Raven Simone wearing eye protection gets some nice cream glazing in an early 2010 gang set!

Angelina DiCarlo gets her BBBaptism in true spunky semen coverage style, from early 2010!
The Joanna Angel doll gets her first official BBBaptism on Joanna P's 1st ever CumRag mk1! (2010)
a vidcap done by Joanna P from Joanna Angel's 1st baptism with the CumRag mk1! (2010)
Although I had vowed I would never again allow myself to "fall" for anyone else online, just as much as I had now publicly announced that I would not do anymore tributes (which were more of a waste of time to me, as well as a waste of a load, seeing as how most people who would contact me for tributes would go dead silent as soon as the tribute would be posted and shared online. Plus you have to realize that every load launched on another target is a load not donated to the BBB proper, so the decision to stop doing tributes was, as they say, a no-brainer. Anyway, in april 2010, Joanna P from the UK asked me to do a tribute for her and she knew which buttons to press so I did, and from that moment forward, the BBB would change. A little over a half dozen public tributes were posted on a brand new channel she opened up to concentrate on the tributes I did to her, as to not mix them up amongst the countless other tributes she had done over the few short years she had spent on Xtube. Joanna admitted her true fetish for cashmere-wool clothing and how they both showcased and soaked up cum And before long she started sending over fresh, new, unused clothes she would wear after I would have "coated" them a few times over! Of course, followers of the BBB since that time have noticed how even in the "regular" Bdoll sessions, the Joanna CumRags are consistently ever-present, to catch any over shots and droplets, as well as to clean up the dolls after each session, essentially "collecting" all the spunk for Joanna! To this day (2012), the CumRags have become an integral part of the BBB sessions, and also act as a reminder that none of the ButterCum ever truly goes to "waste", in the end!

For Joanna P's 2nd CumRag(mk2), Karmela gets her first official glazing leaving everything a mess! (2010)

Continuing the CumRag mk2's multple cummings, Sylvia Laurent's first facial is a mega bukkake! (2010)
Fiona's first official facial (w/ Bad Grlz) was also messy for her scottish get-up! (2010)
In a bondage-esque-flavored BoxCum PSD session, Marianne gets a facial sauce dousing! (2010)
Also happening since 2010 is the concept if the "GigaRags", which are essentially the giga equivalent of the usual "CumRags". Although quite a few GigaRags & Bdoll hybrid sessions have been recorded between 2010 and 2012, the great Horror Hard Drive Drama of mid 2012 has all but erased all those sessions (more in that "incident" later on). 2010 is also the year that my trusty digital camera had an accident during another type of session, and had to be brought in, under extended warranty, for repair. BBB sessions were kept to a strict minimum during the days of using only one camera angle for the cumshots, but never stopped. After the 4 weeks of waiting for the camera to be returned a "should have been expected" delay and bureaucratic bullcrap had the camera not fixed and had to be returned yet again for another month's worth of waiting. At that point, long time personal friend FZ agreed to lend his camera on a temporary basic, which allowed the BBB to conitnue, or return, to its "usual" 2-angled cumshots. When the ButterCam was FINALLY ready for pick up, I used the once in a lifetime opportunity to record the first ever 3-angled cumshot session, AZ (Gaia Arizona)'s 3rd official facial session. Unfortunately, the 3rd camera had to be returned to FZ and the BBB started to return to normal (!!!) until another opportunity presented itself in the form of a local conglomerate store liquidating their pre-MOV digital cameras, which prompted my wife and I to purchase a second camera for myself, which meant that if I could play my cards right and not be found out (as skulking around to do these sessions has always been anstate if fact), I could actually start doing 3-angled BBB sessions!

The PSD's final mission: civilian-clad "Captain" Brittney Skye gets some friendly fire! (2010)
MiniJoanna gets creamed with her real-life alterego's picture, from 2010's MiniJoanna Da CumSlut!
MiniJoanna from "Forced Facial" one of the only surviving sessions of 2011 (re: HardDriveHorror 2012)
RePo from "MissHybridStrikesAgain", 1 of the only surviving sessions of 2011 (see april 2012 horror)
With the BBB now using 3-angled cumshot sessions in every scene (except the course HJ sessions and the Giga material which remained at two angles due to lack of comfort and camera placement possibilities), the now-infamous BBB formulae began to take shape. If in mid-2010 saw the arrival of a few new Bdolls, most notably the MiniJoanna doll which was meant to represent the real life Joanna as well as replace any need for tribute pictures, 2011 is when the newer, and final additions to the BBB harem were introduced. A short-black-haired almost classy caucasian doll was originally to be named "Zara Whites", but another "contest" was held for fans to vote on the doll's name. When absolutely no one actually took part of this final BBB contest (which's 1st prize was a deluxe figure originally to be MiniJoanna but who's features did not match the real life Joanna), long-time long-distance friend "NYCgurl" named the doll "AJ", and did not expect any doll in return. In fact, as BBB proggressed throughout 2011, the unclaimed and unused doll was finally named and eventually officially baptized. "Gwen", or Gw3n as she is more often referred to, was named after yet another real-life person in Butter's life, and was to be the ONLY BBBdoll to avoid taking facials, concentrating instead on boobjobs and hanjobs and the like.

KLS from T-BILFs pt1, one of the only surviving sessions of 2011 (see HorrorHardDrive 2012)
MiniJoanna & a pee-filled 2-liter bottle from a salvaged private GigaRag movie for Joanna (2011)

MiniJoanna, the Giga Bowl & the GigaRag mk2, a rare salvaged 2011 private giga movie for Joanna
Kris sucks cock in T-BILFs pt1, 1 of the last surviving BBB sessions from 2011 (see HorrorDrive 2012)
Throughout 2011, special private Giga clips continued to be filmed in tangent with the public BBB material, and such efforts became the first ever full-length "films" from Butterman. 2010 had the first official GigaRag full length release as a Joanna-eyes only feature, which collected an incalculable amount if multiple angled and scenario-ed pissing situations as well as a few well-spread private cumshots. In 2011, the second official GigaRag also received a similar treatment, it's baptism and whole "on-screen" career captured during all possible moments of golden appreciation moments. When the 2nd GigaRag was shipped off to Joanna and the third official GigaRag was to be the center star of a similar full-length feature, which included everything from pee collecting in 2-liter sized emptied cola bottles over the course of a few days/weeks, to the official mega giga dunking in the pee-filled GigaBowl for its de-virginization baptism... Then of course came the other forms of giga, such as picture cut-out tributes, basic bathtub peeings, and even some more funky approaches to donating liquid gold to Joanna's rags, all the while the occasional cum load delivered to the wet item. All seemed to be going perfectly for the now well-oiled BBB machine until a horrible situation happened which almost ended all the BBB activities, both public and private, once and for all.

RePo's cummy fishnets from "MissHybridStrikesAgain" 1 of the only surviving BBB sets from 2011
CatWoman sucks cock in T-BILFs pt1, one of the last surviving BBB sessions of 2011 (read below...)
KLS takes on a creamy finish in this 2012 "CumProof" shared session with AZ (Gaia Arizona)
BC's at the center of attention in "everyone jacks"(2012), a group J/O session where the cum dries off faster than usual!
In April 2012 the "Horror Hard Drive Drama" occurred. Those of you well versed in this blog's previous incarnation will be somewhat intimately familiar with what has happened, so apologies if I must repeat myself for those just tuning in. In essence, an external hard drive which was given to me as an Xmas gift in order to be able to store my BBB material without having to worry about storage space, gave out and effectively erased almost two years' worth of BBB material forever. A few sessions were already shared and posted on Xtube but their original raw high-def clips, all the pictures from the photoshoots, everything was gone... Even a good portion of UNRELEASED and never seen material (which had yet to be processed and tagged, let alone edited) was lost forever, which included what was, in my own humble opinion, one of the better episodes of the FUKT series, which featured the best cumshot I had ever captured on camera! All the private Joanna P material was lost; all the private tributes, all her latest GigaRag adventures, none of which were were even seen by anyone (not that anyone was to glance at the private Joanna stuff!) would never be seen. Oh yes, quite a lot of effort and time was put into trying to recover the data, and a very small portion was saved (although that was already material which was well known) but the bulk of it all, the best BBB material (in my opinion) ever recorded, and even most of brand new doll Gw3n's material was now barely a memory in the mind of the sole creator. As you can imagine losing so much of the BBB legacy and such yet unreleased material, the mood was at an all-time low...

When BC returned for the BBB in 2012 she got into all sorts of sticky situations! (notice the cum on the arm holding her!)

A few Bad Grlz hold on to a Cum Receptacle in this 2013 session which will end sticky for MiniJoanna at the bottom!

RePo (ReneePornero) and Gw3n apply breast pressure to the ButterCock in this 2012 "TitFuck" session!

Bad Grlz and leather only ended up with scottish lass Fiona getting a mega thick facial in this 2012 session!
Crushed by this, I toyed with a few possibilities. The first of which was to just hang my hat up and call it quits. I am getting older and there are less days up ahead than there are behind, and with age comes the physical body's betrayal. I could take this as a sign to retire, after all the better part of the legacy was forever gone. Another option was to try to re-do what was lost, but as it was explained in the previous censored blog, that was an impossibility: most if the BBB is improvised on the moment, utilizing occasions and opportunities which could not be reproduced even under the best circumstances. So that option was not possible. The third option I saw was to continue forth in my fetish explorations, but this time not trying to compete with myself, not trying to re-create any of the lost magic, but rather simply continuing where Ieft off, and taking it a notch down while I was at it. If all my efforts were now literally for naught, them maybe I had been thinking about the BBB in much too serious terms. Up until the Horror Hard Drive Drama, I was literally releasing 4 to 5 scenes each week, which was quite a crazy feat for someone who isn't making a monetary profit from this DIY venture!

MiniJoanna didn't shy away from a full-on facial onslaught in the 2012 Vacation T-shirt baptism session!

Angela Crystal was right where she needed to be at the end of this FUKT session in 2012 which left her pasted like a donut!

Karmela was on call during this FUKT session in 2012 which left the whole set-up creamed up including her whole body!

Crystal Rae avoided a facial at the end of this 2012 FUKT session but everything else got cream covered!
Egyptian goddess KANIKA take a royal creamy facial & then some in one of her numerous introductory sets! (2013)
So as 2012 slowly draws to a close and BBB will be entering its 9th official year of activity, what remains up ahead is still unknown but will surely see more fun activities heading this way! While other doll fetisists around the globe have borrowed the term "BBB" thinking it was the officially sanctionned acronymn for a safe reference to a still misunderstood and wrongfully judged label, and while others have borrowed its earlier thematics and explored their own versions, I cannot say with absolute certainty that anyone else who's dabbled in th sperm/doll fetish has lasted so long, nor would they have continued if met with such adversity. Never forget dear readers that even in today's day and age, the general public and most people out there remain "clueless" and closed-minded, unable to let others explore their own sexual preferences, even if no one gets hurt in the process. I am not trying to elevate myself above anyone else at all, because when you break it down, I am just a guy jacking off on dolls and filming the fun... Which in itself is quite redundant and boring when you think about it, but also is a much more pro-active way to bring and share pleasure to others who may derive satisfaction from such... Plus most trolls and haters don't do anything except spread hate, promote negativity, and leech at others' donations, never contributing anything at all: quick to pass on judgement, but impotent to create. Plus who else who does not get paid for his own DIY porn has lasted close tona decade (officially)? How about who else uses multi-angled cumshots in ever clip? So let's simply finish off with the usual banalities but which are integral parts of the BBB philosophy:

- do what makes you feel good

- sex is celebration not competition

- never waste a load

On that note, I hope you now have a better understanding of this ages-long "mission" of mine, and hope it has helped to shed some light on any unclear points that this misunderstood fetish may have had for you. It's all just in good clean fun after all, without any malicious intent lurking behind. Just like regular porn satisfies a need and a fantasy, so does the BBB but at a smaller scale (pun intended). If there is anything else I may have forgotten or omitted to mention, feel free to send me your questions via email, my Twitter (butter_bbb), the PM on Xtube, or even via the comments at the bottom of the page/post. Hope you' ve enjoyed this, and that you'll stick around to see the next steps in BBB "evolution"!

KATT - The first ever BBBdoll, active long before the official 2004 launch, until approx 2009 or 2010 when she was retired to be donated to long-time BBB supporter TtheO (photo from the 2009 cast photoshoot) - DONATED as part of the 2018 purge to Miss98
PUNK - The second BBBdoll from the B-harem, active long before the official 2004 launch, retired in late 2007 (donated to a TtheO special aquaintance) (photo from the 2007 fashion slut photoshoot)
RIO - The 3rd official BBBdoll to enter the frame, active before the official 2004 launch, sent to TtheO as a temporary exchange in late 2006/early 2007, lost in the 2010 Bdoll burning festival (RIP Rio) (photo from the original 2004 introduction photoshoot)
FLEX - the 4rth BBBdoll to be part of the empire, active before the 2004 launch, donated to TtheO as part of a trade in late 2005 (photo from the original 2004 name poz photoshoot)
KRIS - The 6th BBBought Bdoll, a chocolate cutey, active prior to the official 2004 BBB launch, still active today (2012) (photo from the 2009 cast photoshoot) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Brian G.
KAYLA - The 5th BBBdoll to entire the frame, active long before the official 2004 launch, still active today in 2012 (photo from 2004 name poz photoshoot)
PERM - Bman's 7th Bdoll, also active before the official 2004 launch, still active today in 2012 (photo from the 2004 official original clothes photoshoot) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge go goodwill (no kidding!)
STAR - The eight Bdoll to be part of the BBB, active prior to the 2004 official launch, donated in late 2006 to TtheO (as part of an exchange) (photo from the 2004 pose test photoshoot)
STREAK - the 9th BBBdoll of the harem, active before the 2004 launch, donated to TtheO in 2006 as part of an exchange (photo from 2004 original clothes pose test photoshoot)
NAILS - the 10th Bdoll to join the BBB harem, active before the official 2004 launch, and still a part of the experience to this day (2012) (photo from the 2009 cast photoshoot) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Brian G.
SUNNY - the 11th BBBdoll, aquired in 2004 and activated during the official 2004 launch. Retired in 2008 when donated/traded with "DEV" for Marianne (photo from 2004's "Cheap Cum" quickie session)
CATWOMAN (1) - BBB's 1st official Bad Grl, the 12th Bdoll, active since the official launch of 2004, still active today (2012) (photo from a mugshot cast photosession in 2005)
KAYLIE - The 13th BBBdoll, aquired and active since the official BBB launch of 2004, retired in 2010/2011 - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss 98
KIMI - BBB's 14th addition to the harem, active since the official BBB launch of 2004, retired in 2011 to be donated to TtheO (photo from the 2009 cast photoshoot) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to goodwill.
TERRI - BBB's 15th doll, joining the harem during the official 2004 launch but only officially released in 2005, retired in 2010, to be donated to TtheO (photo from the 2005 cast mugshot photoshoot) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to goodwill
FOXY - the 16th BBB doll, joined in 2004 but only officially released in 2005, still active to this day (2012) (picture from the 2007 cast photoshoot) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to goodwill
ROSALYN - the 17th BBBdoll to join the harem in 2005, still active in 2012 (picture from the 2005 "cheap/missed pop" session) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss98.
KUMIKO - BBB's 18th doll to join the harem, the "leader" (up until 2008) of the Bad Grlz gang, officially introduced to BBB in 2007 (but cameos in 2005-2006) (photo from 2007 test set) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to goodwill

HARLEY QUINN - Another Bad Grl addition to the harem, officially introduced in 2006, still active to this day (2012) (picture from the 2007 cast/mugshot photoshoot) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to goodwill
BRITTNEY SKYE - Entered the BBB in 2005, officially introduced in 2006, retired in 2010 (to be donated to TtheO) (picture from 2007 cast photoshoot) Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss98.
TIFFANY MYNX 1 - Officially joined BBB in 2005, active until retired in 2010/2011, donated to anonymous lady (photo from 2005's "1st Clothed Cum" session) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss 98.
TIFFANY MYNX 2 - Joined the BBB in 2005, retired around 2010/2011, donated to anonymous lady (picture from 2005's "2nd Clothed Cum" session)
TIFFANY MYNX 3 - Officially joined the BBB in 2005, active until 2010/2011, donated to an anonymous lady (picture from the 2009 cast photoshoot)
CANDY - 1st "head" introduced to BBB in 2006, active until 2010, to be donated to TtheO (photo from 2009's "Pink Shades" facial cumshot photoset)
JENNA - the 2nd "head" introduced to the BBB in 2006, active until 2010, to be donated to TtheO (picture from the 2007 cast photoshoot)
KATJSA - Bad Grl introduced to the BBB in 2007, half sister to Kaida, still active today (2012) (picture from 2007's Bad Grlz HideOut photoshoot) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Brian G.
RAVEN (Raven Simone) - Bad Grl introduced to the BBB in 2007, still active today (2012) (picture from 2007's Bad Grlz HideOut photoshoot) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Brian G.
MARIANNE - donated by DEV in 2008, the "exchange" doll for Sunny. Photo taken from her 1st official unboxed facial session. Marianne was also Miss BBB for that year (2008). Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss 98.
ANGELA CRYSTAL - named after the east-european pornstar, purchased in 2007 but introduced to the BBB in 2008. Photo from the 2009 cast list photoshoot. - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss98.
CRYSTAL RAE - named after the USA pornstar, purchased in 3 copies (1 for TtheO, 1 for a contest, 1 for BBB), activated in 2008. Photo from a cast try-out photoshoot. - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss98.
KAIDA - Another Fairie, Katjsa's half sister, activated and admitted to the Bad Grlz gang in 2008. Photo from a cast trial photoshoot in 2008. - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss98.
KLS (or KIMORA LEE SIMMONS) - Donated by FDF in 2008, leader of the Bad Grlz gang. Photo taken during her first unboxed "posing pretty" photo session.
KATIANNA - Oktoberfest german Bad Grl, officially activated in 2008. Picture from her 1st ever official facial session, with the Bad Grlz gang.- Donated as part of the 2018 purge to goodwill
ELEKTRA - Donated by FDF in 2008, member of the Bad Grlz gang. Photo from her first official unboxed test photosession. - Donated to an anonymous person via  a friend.
SUE STORM (aka Invisible Woman) -  Donated by FDF in 2008. Member of the Bad Grlz gang. Phot from her first official facial session in 2008. - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss98.
Black Canary, also known as BC and Dinah, was a temporary Bad Grlz gang leader sent on temporary assignment in 2009 by DSD. Photo from her pre-first official facial session in 2009
Gaia Arizona, or AZ for short, the amazonian warrior queen, donated by FDF. Photo from a pre-cast outdoor photoshoot in mid-2009.
Fiona, the scottish redhead, purchased in 2009 but officially unboxed & baptised in 2010 (photo from her first official facial session, circa 2010) - Donated (with great sorrow) as part of the 2018 purge to Miss98.
Karmela, a brazilian Bad Grl, was also purchased in 2009 but only officially baptised into the BBB in 2010 (picture from a cast photoshoot in 2010)
Italian exotic beauty Angelina Di Carlo, named after the short-careered pornstar, was officially brought in the BBB in early 2010 (photo from a cast photoshoot in 2010) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Brian G.
MiniJoanna, a first Bdoll named & based after a real non-pornstar (or rather ex-star!), was introduced in June 2010 (photo from her pre-baptism "Gog" weekend, 2010) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Brian G.
Renee Pornero, or RePo for short, named after the Austrian pornstar, was officially introduced to the BBB in 2010 (seen here from a 2010 cast photoshoot)

Sylvia Laurent, or Sharon for short, was named after the east european pornstar. Photo from the 2010 cast photoshoot. - Donated with much, much sorrow as part of the 2018 purge to Brian G (who assures me she will have a good home!).
The JOANNA ANGEL doll, named after Burning Angel's C.E.O. and entrepreneur pornstar queen, introduced in 2010 but quickly donated due to lack of interest (from pre-boxed/scealed photoshoot 2010)
A.J. - named after a real-life performer artist out of NYC, had most of her material wiped out in mid 2012 (HorrorHardDriveDrama) (Photo from her first Box Cum session in 2010) - Donated to an anonymous person via a friend.
GW3N - The Gwen doll, named after another real-life person, also had most of her BBB activites wiped out in mid-2012 (picture from a cast photoshoot in 2010) - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to goodwill
KANIKA, the Egyptian princess/goddess, new BBB Bad Grl arrival late February 2013 (from her early MArch 2013 cast photoshoot) - Donated with much sorrow as part of the 2018 purge to Brian G.
The Carmen Vera doll, newest 2013 addition to the BBB harem from her official cast photoshoot taken on March the 10th 2013 (notice the CumRag mark 4 used as backdrop for this shoot!)

The Yasmine Lafitte BBBdoll, wearing her original outfit and fresh out of her box, the first of the newest Bdolls introduced in 2014 to commemorate 10 years of official activities!

The MONIKA UNCO Bdoll, named by a reader of this very blog in one of the "Name That Doll" polls, the second official newly enlisted Bdoll to join the harem in 2014! Donated with sorrow due to the purge of 2018 to Brian G.

The SARAH TWAIN Bdoll, third officially revealed newbie to be introduced in 2014 as part of a decade's worth of official BBB activites!
SOFIA VALENTINE, as named by comments/votes by readers of this very blog, a new arrival in the BBB for 2014, named after the Netherlands Dutch pornstar!

SIMONE PEACH (or Simone Style, or Mandy Saxo) is another beauty to join the BBB in 2014; her pornstar namesake also chosen by this blog's readers via voting/comments!
AZKADELIA, named after one of many mythologies surrounding the Wizard of Oz's wicked green witch, is a limited edition 2014 collector's item. The ONLY BBB doll to not nor never get buttered!
MONICA SWEETHEART, named after the slovakian pornstar of the same name, is a gorgeous multi-layered darker-blonde beauty of a doll, joining the BBB in 2014!
SAVANNAH, the Versace Versus variant bdoll (a collectible not available in retaul stores) was named after the early 90s american pornstar who bears an uncanny resemblance to the Bdoll! New Bdoll for 2014!
This one seems to always have been borned to become the MICHELLE B doll! Originally the first Versace Bdoll! New in 2014!
Almost became the Sharon Wild Bdoll, but this HardRock Cafe rarity was baptised as AVA VINCENT, new for 2014!
Here is another Bdoll who got her name as soon as she was spotted: the PAIGE TURNAH Bdoll named so after the British pornstar!
This gorgeous light-skinned ebony cutey is named BELLA MORETTI, after the similarly skinned pornstar!
Dark-skinned euro-blonde OOAK (custome-modified doll!) named SANDRA PARKER after the real-life pornstar!
This Hard Rock Cafe Bdoll was baptised KATHIA NOBILI after the gorgeous blonde-ish european pornstar! - Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss 98.
Here is CHOCOLATE MOCHA, named so after the two twin porn sisters (Chocolate and Mocha) for the really dark skin complexion!
This blonde beauty was named RILEY after someone who really wanted to have a doll named after her.- Donated as part of the 2018 purge to Miss98.
Obviously one of the BBB's most cherish and UN-CUMMED Bdolls (like Azkadelia and Cleopatra) the greek goddess ATHENA !
Another most elegant Bdoll which no picture (yet) has captured her majesty, the CLEOPATRA Bdoll, also one of the most cerished and un-cummed (like Azkadelia and Athena).
One of the last Bdolls added to the harem is the JENNIFER STONE Bdoll, named after the long-legged european pornstar!
One of the last BBBdolls to complete the harem is the ALETTA OCEAN Bdoll, named after the pornstar of course!
Purchased at the same as Jennifer Stone and Aletta Ocean, say hello to the VICCA Bdoll (aka Victoria Queen)!
One of the 2018 additions to the BBB harem, this is the SELEN Bdoll, named after the late 90s/early Y2K italian pornstar!

Another 2018 add-on to the BBBdolls, here is the SARAH LOUISE YOUND doll, or SLY for short, named after the infamous 90s English pornstar (check her intro post for details about her naming!)

This, my fellow BBB lovers, is the ANA NOVA Bdoll, named after the german pornstar! 

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The BBB formulae

The basic formulae of BBB sessions has changed incredibly since its first official recordings in 2004. In those earlier, formative years, a session was just a 15 second cumshot clip with a series of (40 to 150) pictures documenting mostly the aftermath. The concept of each doll going through the basic 2 or three facials, at least one HJ (and one J/O when possible) and maybe a quickie giga was slightly modified around 2005 with the inclusion of the BoxCum introductory session, as well as that first official facial being of the doll in her original outfit. Also in 2004 & 2005, the idea of dressing up the dolls for the "Prom Night", "Home Girls", and "Rave Babes" was also on its way to becoming a regular feature.

Around 2005 or so, TtheO requested to have "longer" sessions, so I began shooting a little bit more footage before and after the cumshot, right around the time that the "Miss BBB" contest(s) were also instigated, also becoming a yearly regular feature of a few years running.

Around 2007 or so, other requests came in and those saw a few "longer" and uncut sessions, which basically mirrored legit mainstream gonzo porn in terms of full scenes, from beginning to end, uncut. This also opened the doors to continuing the format of longer clips, or more numerous shorter clips as part of the same "sessions", and the need to find a more proper place to share these longer videos which couldn't be supported by the Ya-Who groups anymore.

By this time, all sessions were also going in various forms of changes. The giga sets were more than just a pee and a flush, and slowly grew to become somewhat decent multiple pee sessions. HJ sessions had a lot more pre-ejaculatory jack-off footage, and more "thematics" were also explored.

It was around 2008 (or so) that a second camera was added to capture the cumshot from another angle. This lasted for almost a year until one of the cameras broke and we had to wait to purchase a secondary one. Which brings us to....

2009 is when the first of "today"'s (2012) BBB formulae clips were explored. Full-length sessions from various shorter-length clips edited together became the norm when the BBB Xtube channel (the 1st incarnation or course!) came into existence. Sessions could last anywhere between 7 to 40 (!!!) minutes each, depending on their nature.

In 2010 the "second" angle became regular until one of my cameras broke and thanks to an extended warranty purchased at the store, I had to wait almost 2 to 3 months before getting that camera back. My friend FZ lent me his camera temporarily and I was back at shooting 2 angled cumshots. One night when my camera was finally back from the shop, I shot my first (and what I thought would be my only) 3-angled cumshot sequence, before returning FZ's camera...

2010 advanced and stores were now liquidating their Canon Powershot cameras which still shot in the AVI format. I ended up purchasing a second camera to myself, so added to my wife's, I now could shoot 3 angled cumshot clips almost anytime the opportunity allowed it to be! While at first I wanted to "limit" my use of the 3-angled shot (due to limitations of possible angles versus the actual comfort of the set-up), it quickly came to become the standard of the money-shot sequence of BBB clips.

In 2011 further contacts and requests asked to showcase more of the ButterCock (or what it would eventually be affectionately referred to as the family-sized Big Red) so the pre-cum shot "sequence" was extended from its 1 to 2 minute pre-ejaculatory on-screen moments to substantially more, depending on the mood and theme of the clip(s). One particular session had over 12 minutes of pre-cum jacking material, while some others seem to be strictly limited to actual memory/space limitations of the cameras' memory cards.

As of 2012, the BBB formulae is made to try to satisfy as many "requests" as possible in one format. Some decent pre-popshot showcase to allow those who enjoy watching the pre-spunk damage as well as the Butterknob in its hard(core) state, followed by the 3-angled (or 2 for the couch HJ sets *) tripod cumshot angles, with a few post-cumshot pictures added in before the post-cum aftermath showcase (which BBB is known to spend more time after the cumshot than any other porn out there), which then fades into a slow-motion cumshot recap at the tail end of the clips/scenes/sessions, added in for good measure.

(*) although quite a few couch HJ sessions were recorded with a 3-angled cumshot set-up, the comfort and safety issues (cameras tilting over and such) quickly returned the couch sets to only 2 angles. Most of the 3 angled HJ sets were lost in the infamous mid-2012 "horror" hard-drive crash.

Not to toot one's own horn, but as far as I can tell, BBB is the ONLY DIY indie porn to feature a three-angled popshot sequence, as well as such lengthy post-cumshot aftermath showcase.

The Butterman doll "himself". It was only logical to become "sized" to the miniaturization fetish!

Visit the official BBB channel on PornHub: http://www.pornhub.com/users/butter_bbb for new material after the Xtube channel was no longer viable. Essentially Xtube were bought up a few times and kept making upgrades to their site, resulting in my inability to upload any new material. All the videos which were on that site are still there, but everything "newer" than about 2013 or so is now on PornHub, mostly in forms of previews but still with many new updates. Check it out for yourself!

as many of you already know, in early 2018 my wife and I are being evicted from our apartment which we thought would be a long-lasting home for us. Instead of writing about how the landlord conned us and used a legal loophole to re-acquire the apartment we reside(d) in, I am afraid the dire news affects the BBB much more directly as this suddent unpredictable interference of life has forced me to again downsize my personnal collection of Bdolls. I would say that about half of the Bdolls which were left in my harem are now (as I write this) either gone or packaged up to be "donated" (minus a shipping fee) to fans of BBB. Those poor, poor, Bdolls which had to be let go are detailed up in the cast section a few photos/paragraphs upwards, were amongst some of the oldest (but not all of them) which weren't getting much BUtter screen time of late. This is indeed a sad turn in BBB history, but one which was bound to happen eventually. Still, part of me always wished that somehow there would have been some kind of massive outbidding war on eBay or something where I would have actually turned up a profit for letting go some of these veterans and true Bdoll pornstars. Godspeed my fair ladies!

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  1. GREAT to see you back! Really fascinating and amazing stuff, as usual. Hope you will have more time for other things (...) now that this is finally up-and-runing. XXX


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